The Best Day Is Pancake Day


Yes, this is as delicious as it looks !! I know I have a fashion blog, but you can't deny this yummyness ;)

One of my very good friends and I have this tradition of making blueberry pancakes, and it had been way too long. This time we switched up our recipe a little bit, and I'd like to share it with you!
Recipe is inspired on the one from Jennie - we put our own twist on it. 

For approximately 8 pancakes (2 servings), you will need:
- 4 eggs
- two/three bananas
- a little bit of milk  (we used soy milk, so yummy!)
- a lottle bit of cinnamon (the more the better)

Mash the bananas (we mashed them quite roughly to have large chunks of banana in our pancakes) and mix them in a bowl with the other ingredients. This is your basic batter which you make your pancakes from. Try to make them small and a little thick, that's the best!
Then the fun part (apart from the eating-part) begins: decorating ! On ours, we put blueberries and a lot of honey, plus some chips of coconut and cocoa.

Pretty sure that after these pictures you'll be running to your kitchen, eh? I know I am ! ;)

pancake4 pancake5 pancake3

Denim All The Way

24feb4LAUNDRY INDUSTRY jacket, FOREVER 21 vest, ZARA crop jumper, RIVER ISLAND jeans, BOOHOO loafers, 
RAY-BAN sunglasses, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch, H&M ring 

Beware: picture overload! My mum made me do all these crazy (jumping) poses. I just couldn't resist the tempation to put them in this post haha. Forgive me please. 

OMG, it seems like it's spring already! Even though (of course) it became cloudy when we started to shoot, it was sunny all day & it made me SO HAPPY! I'm very much a spring/summer person, I always feel like my mood is lifted whenever the sun is out.
However, it was some weird-ass light to shoot in (excuse my language). Many of my pics came out way too bright. Anyways, I turned to my beloved friend Photoshop and I kinda made it work (I hope!).

I decided to layer it up today! Plus I'm wearing denim on denim, which, hold the presses, is probably the first time since my 90's all-denim-everything-denim-kiddo-phase . I have to say, I like it. Wearing the favourite jacket and favourite shoes today too. Yes, it was a good day.

24feb2 24feb3 24feb6 24feb8 24feb9 24feb11 24feb10 24feb7

Blisters Galore


When I wrote my post about loafers, I had already eyed these beauties on, but they were sold out soon after I spotted them. Bummer!
However, to keep browsing the webshop like a maniac seems to pay off in the end: the loafers became available again, and ONLY in my size. WHAT. I really seem to have a whole lot of luck in the clothing department lately! The only question that seems to follow is thus: what's next? ;)

P.S. Yes, the title already tells you, these beauties are (literally) a pain to break in. But hey, that's okay. WORTH IT.



Morning Market

AMERICAN APPAREL jeans (vintage), ZARA jumper, NEW LOOK boots,

Shooting at Janskerkhof! I told you there would be more sightseeing from my beloved city :)

Wearing the mom jeans today. I decided to pair it with a simple black jumper and a black scarf. Got many more outfit combo's in my head with these jeans, but since it was verryyyy cold outside I opted for some snuggy comfort!
Also, forgive me for wearing the same boots over and over again... I just love the combo of the socks and the cut-out. However, some new gorgeousness is on its way, so behold for some change in the shoe department. ;)

What do you think about my jeans? Any tips on what I can wear it with ?




Can I Get Some Length Please ?

LAUNDRY INDUSTRY jacket, ZARA jumper, BERSHKA jeans, NEW LOOK boots,

A couple of weeks ago, I tried on a long coat at Monki and instantly fell in love with it. But for 65 euros I thought it was a bit overpriced for an item that is not very practical. I left the store with an aching heart but determined to find a good dupe!

A lil' search on the internet satisfied my sudden craving for long-black-blazer-style. For just a fraction of the price I snatched up this amazing jacket. Originally it's from Laundry Industry and the quality is thus ah-ma-zing. Yes, this is a classic case of a lil' bit of fashion sense and a whole lot of luck... expect many more outfit posts with this one.




Mom Jeans: Continued


Oh yes, it happened!
I went to two thriftstores and at the second one I stumbled upon these gorgeous jeans. Never worn (an original tag was still attached), real vintage American Apparel mom jeans. They fit me perfectly and the best of all: they were only 5 euros.
I KNOW RIGHT! I sure was lucky... :)

Outfitpost later this week!



Loving The Loafer

Images from, & 

Alrighty-dighty, next up in line for current NEED to have (it has passed the 'want' phase now) are heavy sole loafers. I have some loafers in my current wardrobe, but I want an upgrade on the sole area, quite literally actually!

It's best of both worlds: they look super awesome (uch so objective uch) plus they are way more comfortable in walking than normal flats.
I have seen some cute pairs at TopshopVagabond and Dr Martens, but they are a little out of reach at the moment.

I guess it will be only be a matter of time until a similar (but less expensive!) style is slipped on my oh-so-happy feet...

Croppin' And Bunnin'

MONKI coat, ZARA blouse, TOPSHOP jeans, NEW LOOK boots 

Initially I wanted to shoot with just the blouse, but boy was it cold! Decided to throw my coat over my shoulders and I quite like how the classic cut of the coat contrasts with the flowiness of the blouse. The jeans are little too big for me but they're fine when I crop them a little. It gives a nice break from my disco-fit jeans, that's for sure!








'Just' Some News... (!!!!!)

Yesterday I got some of the best news ever...

Since before the summer holiday, I've been busy with plans and preparations for a semester abroad. Where do I want to go? What kind of courses do I want to take? How am I going to finance it all? These questions (and many more) occupied me for more than 6 months. Turned my head inside out and confirmed once again that I'm a DOUBTER.
But, in the end, I signed up for spending 5 months in Alberta, Canada. Two nerve-racking months passed (waiting for an acceptance letter) and, casually looking on my phone in class yesterday, I received an email titled 'Congratulations!'. Could it be? Could it be that one of my big dreams in life would ACTUALLY become reality?

YES! I am conditionally accepted to the University of Alberta, which basically means that my uni accepted me as a candidate for the exchange + the uni of my choice. Alberta still has to 'officially' accept me, but that is just a matter of formalities.

I think I was shaking for a good 2 hours after I got the news (dramatic? me? nah). It's just something I want SO BADLY and it was completely in the hands of somebody else (which I hate! control freak much!).
So... if everything goes according to plan, I'll be spending September to December of this year in the aching cold that is called Canada. And honestly, I CANNOT WAIT. My thermal underwear is already packed.

I'm planning on making a series on my blog on studying abroad. 
Will you go on this (terrifying but exciting) journey with me? :) 

Mommy's Jeans


I think this is really a trend which you either love or hate. No, it isn't the most flattering trend ever but oh-my, it seems that I'll be betraying my skinnies once again.

Both my mum and I are annoyed that she threw out everything she wore when she was my age, because I'd be ULTIMATELY trendsetting right now if she didn't. Collars, loafers, vintage Levi's : she had it all. Yes I know, quite painful to think about.

Anyways, I don't think the thrift stores will disappoint on this one. I'm going to hunt some down for the perfect mom jeans which, sadly, will never officially own up to their name.



Back To Blacker

MONKI sweater, PRIMARK skinny jeans, NEW LOOK boots, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch 

I almost felt guilty shooting these outfit pictures... I got so many positive comments on my post about wearing colour more often, it almost felt like I was betraying you guys! I'm sorry, I cannot part with my favourite colour just yet. I paired my favourite black jumper with some high-waisted skinnies and my much beloved cut-out boots. Normally at this time of the year, it's a bit too cold to wear these shoes but the sun showed itself again (!) so my feet weren't complaining.
I discovered that the wall in my living room actually photographs quite nicely. I tried shooting outside but it was too bright. Can it be that because of blogging, I'm going to loathe the sun? No please!

What do you think of an all-black outfit? And shooting inside?

I also want to thank all of you for making the start of this new project so great. I can't believe I already got so much feedback and so many comments on my blog. Thank you thank you thank you! xo 




Is this really happening? Could it be that, temporarily betraying my skinnies, I'm slowly (but surely) developing a crush on palazzo pants?

While the thought of not having fabric (tightly) secured around my ankles frightens me a bit, I can no longer deny that the idea of flowy fabric from the waist down cautiously gives me the thrills.
I've had the same craving for maxi skirts last summer, but, giving it a second thought, pants are way more practical, especially when cycling through all of Utrecht (scare no more for panties showing!).
So it seems I have gathered enough reasons to conquer the insecurities and give it a try during upcoming spring. Thoughts?

To be continued...

Pink Winter

ZARA leather jacket, ZARA t-shirt, RIVER ISLAND skinny jeans, H&M boots,
PRIMARK necklace, 

A little bit more sightseeing of Utrecht in this outfitpost! I promise you, you'll see much more of it haha. My 
best friend & I shot these pictures on the same day as this outfit. The weather was gorgeous and I wanted to take full advantage of that. Little did I know that photographing in full sunlight is actually very difficult. We ended up taking these pictures next to the canal, where the sun did not shine directly into the lens. I really like how they turned out! 

I wanted to wear my pink shirt which I snatched up in the Zara sale for only 4 euros! On the pictures you can't really see the actual colour, but you can see that here. I paired the shirt with my much beloved leather jacket from Zara, a statement necklace and, again, my high-waisted skinnies.
The weather was actually so good that I was OK in just this jacket. I also regretted not bringing my Ray-Bans, it actually was so sunny I was squinting most of the day. Whoop whoop, can it be spring already ?