'Just' Some News... (!!!!!)

Yesterday I got some of the best news ever...

Since before the summer holiday, I've been busy with plans and preparations for a semester abroad. Where do I want to go? What kind of courses do I want to take? How am I going to finance it all? These questions (and many more) occupied me for more than 6 months. Turned my head inside out and confirmed once again that I'm a DOUBTER.
But, in the end, I signed up for spending 5 months in Alberta, Canada. Two nerve-racking months passed (waiting for an acceptance letter) and, casually looking on my phone in class yesterday, I received an email titled 'Congratulations!'. Could it be? Could it be that one of my big dreams in life would ACTUALLY become reality?

YES! I am conditionally accepted to the University of Alberta, which basically means that my uni accepted me as a candidate for the exchange + the uni of my choice. Alberta still has to 'officially' accept me, but that is just a matter of formalities.

I think I was shaking for a good 2 hours after I got the news (dramatic? me? nah). It's just something I want SO BADLY and it was completely in the hands of somebody else (which I hate! control freak much!).
So... if everything goes according to plan, I'll be spending September to December of this year in the aching cold that is called Canada. And honestly, I CANNOT WAIT. My thermal underwear is already packed.

I'm planning on making a series on my blog on studying abroad. 
Will you go on this (terrifying but exciting) journey with me? :) 


  1. Waaaauw, wat gaaf! Dit gaan zeker een paar hele mooie maanden worden voor je!