Mrs Jacobs

Ever since I was in Paris two summers ago, I have developed a certain crush on Mister Jacobs and, especially, his products. That certain summer I was in a certain Galeries Lafayette, not only admiring the breathtaking architecture, but also a gorgeous MJ bag, with an almost 50% discount.
I didn't buy the bag and I've been regretting that ever since. I guess the soft spot for Marc Jacobs created then and there never really left me.

The lucky girl I am, I got the chance to purchase a piece of jewelry which I would get from my parents (a belated high school diploma gift). It didn't take me long to decide what brand I wanted it from. To make up for that heartbreak from two years ago, I guess. For the fans: it is the Henry Skeleton watch (MBM3205).

I can just feel my heart slowly glueing itself together each time I look at  it. *sighs in admiration* 


  1. love reading from you online! you and blogging are a definite match in heaven <3

  2. jealous, i also love anything Marc Jacobs! x