Cycle-Proof Maxi Skirt

ZARA leather jacket, H&M jumper (here), FOREVER 21 maxi skirt (here), H&M boots, TOPSHOP bag, 

So excited to share this outfit with you guys, it's definitely one of my favourites at the moment! Sadly I didn't have much time to shoot but I hope these pictures will suffice.
I really like this maxi skirt, and luckily it isn't even so difficult to cycle in it ! (very important for a Dutchie...) Expect more outfits with this one, it's so versatile and it feels like I'm wearing pyjamas. No complains ;)

This week is deadline week. Just a couple more days and then the relaxing time can begin. I already told you what my plans are. Oh, and I'm still in the search for the perfect birthday party outfit (2 more weeks!) & I think I'm going for a crop top and some dark jeans. What do you think ?

Have a great day ! x 


Bag It Up


I've been wanting to buy myself a backpack for a while now, but never got round to it. Above are my favourites of the moment, some a little bit more expensive and some more affordable :)

I'm very much a leather girl but the Cheap Monday one is slowly but surely stealing my heart a little... it'd be great for my trip & stay in New York and Canada, I think it's the roomiest one of the bunch! And of course you have already seen the brown Asos one in one of my first posts... I still like it A LOT ! For now, I guess it's a tie. To be continued ;)

Which one is your favourite ? 

Midi In Black

26march2MONKI jumper, FOREVER 21 skirt, NEW LOOK boots, JIL SANDER glasses, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch 

Hello lovelies ! A fairly basic first outfit with the midi skirt! I feel like this oversized black jumper is a great contrast to the tight midi skirt, and as you know I'm quite fond of an all-black look :)
I really like how these pictures turned out too, shooting inside isn't so bad after all ! 

Because the skirt sits so high in the waist, I'm going to buy some more crop tops. I think that will look great, channelling some of my inner Kim Kardashian while we're at it ;)

Let me know what you think ! x 




I Can See Clearly Now (haha)


I told you before that I'm obliged to wear glasses because of an eye infection. It's not superserious, I just have to give my eyes some rest from my contacts. Of course it's not ideal as wearing sunglasses isn't really an option and the only pair of glasses I own(ed) are a little old and not the right prescription.
BUT, as of last week, that last disadvantage is no more! I bought a new pair of glasses, and I'm so happy with them! They have the right prescription but more importantly: they are really pretty :) I like how tough but feminine they look. I was doubting between multiple pairs in the store but I'm really happy with the one I picked out :)

You won't be seeing me with these in every single (outfit)picture, but I do think glasses deserve a different image than their scruffy one right now, so I'm determined to make glasses fashionable and sexy ;)
Let me know what you think of them ! x

P.S. the last picture is also a preview for a new outfits, with the midiskirt ! :)



Baring The Midriff


I told you before that I really like crop tops but I think they are always a little risky to wear: when is it do-able and when does it become slutty? Luckily there are hundreds of fashionable people & pictures out there to help me (and you!)  along. My favourite style is (I think) the croptop with baggy pants... which is yours?

I'm doing my crunches already !! #croptopready

crop1 crop4 crop2 crop5 crop6 crop7 crop8 crop10 crop9

The Midi And The Slit


If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I ordered these two skirts last weekend. They are both from Forever 21 and I'd been eyeing them for a little while now. However, it was only last week that I realised that, for 8,75 euros each, I should just order them. Can't go wrong with such a bargain !

They arrived last Tuesday which is crazy fast (!!), and luckily they fit perfectly. The one on the left is a midi skirt (yes, I just HAD to try out this style after this post!) and while it's going to be quite challenging to cycle around my town in this one, it looks adorable and, thank god, it doesn't make me look like a dwarf. Worth taking the bus for !

The one on the right is a maxi skirt with a little slit on the side. The slit is not too high, which I like, and the length of the skirt is just perfect: a miracle considering I have shorty legs!

These skirts were a pain to photograph nicely, so I promise you I'll photograph outfits with them soon, to give you a better look :)
I hope you have a great day & let me know what you think of my newest finds ! x



On The Back(pack) Burner

Image from

Deadlines deadlines deadlines. Even the name is full of irony! Anyways, just two weeks to go and I'm done with them and then it's time for two weeks of relaxing! What am I going to do?

001 A lot of reading. I'm super addicted to the Divergent series at the moment and I have a couple of Vogues to sift through ! 

002 A lot of researching. I want to figure out what I want to do in New York and Canada in August before I go study at uni in Alberta in September. So. Much. Fun. Oh, the pleasure of anticipation! 

003 A lot of blogging. Being busy with school makes me put my blog on the backburner, which sucksss. Time to get some inspiration and write many fun posts :)

004 A lot of celebrating. My birthday is coming up and I have fun things planned. Now is the time to look for the perfect party outfit. Any ideas ?

Ah.. just two weeks to go. I'm off to write my essays, hope you have a great Sunday! xx

P.S. How cute are those backpacks on the photograph above ?? 
My obsession with backpacks will soon be on the blog, but I haven't found a good look-a-like for this one yet ! 

The Preppy Side Of Me

17march2H&M jumper, ZARA blouse & leather jacket, RIVER ISLAND jeans, BOOHOO loafers, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch 

This new jumper from H&M is so comfi, I wish I could wear it all day every day! I also love how bright white it is, perfect for spring !
I felt a little preppy today so I paired it with a white blouse underneath and some cropped jeans. I put my hair to the side and in a low bun and I was good to go :) I love how the leather jacket makes the look a little tougher. All preppy without a little edge wouldn't really be me anyways !

Hope you have a great day ! x
17march3 17march1 17march4

That White Knit


I got myself a new white jumper! My other one was in desperate need of replacement and my eye fell on this one from H&M. It's so perfect: it's a little shorter than a regular jumper, it has a superchunky texture and, the best of all, it's SO SOFT ! :)
If you like it, you can snatch it up here for 20 euros.

Tomorrow there'll be an outfitpost with this spring beauty !  x


That White Pair, Please




whiteshoespost1 Inspiration from Pinterest, Tumblr & Google

 Definitely NOT practical - my new obsession for white shoes. This is supernew for me too as I mostly own black shoes but I love the spring vibe I get from the colour (can you get another vibe from this anyways? I mean, wearing them in the rain would not enhance the hue, if you get what I'm sayin'). There are so many styles out there too! Which one is your favourite?
    whiteshoespost5Boohoo - Vagabond

Croppin' That Top

ZARA leather jacket & jumper, PRIMARK jeans, BOOHOO loafers, VINTAGE bracelet 

Who ever said that springtime calls for lighter colours (eeehrm that was me) was WRONG. Grey and black it is today, but I thought I'd put on some red lipstick to change it up a little :)

You've seen the crop top before, but you couldn't really see the crop of the top, if you get what I'm sayin'. Now then, here I am, bare midriff and all ! I hope you like how I put my outfit together. I always think crop tops can be a little tricky to wear but I really like them so nothing will stop me hehe.

Have a great day ! x





Life Lately


Lately, I have been...

.. seeing not very clearly, haha! Got an eye infection so now I'm obliged to wear glasses for a while. More on that (and a really fashionable, new pair!) later :)

.. going to concerts! I've been to One Republic two weeks ago (what a show!) & I'm going to BeyoncĂ© next week and Stu Larssen in two weeks. Concert time = the best time !

.. reading a great novel for uni: Joy Comes in the Morning by Jonathan Rosen. I've also bought Panic by Lauren Oliver. She is my favourite young-adult writer, go check her out if you're into Hunger Games type of books!

.. making smoothies! Favourite = frozen blackberries, banana and yoghurt. Yummyyyyy.

.. feeling okay, I guess! Stress is such an awful emotion isn't it? Luckily I have had all of my deadlines for now, so it's time for some relaxing :)

.. loving the spring weather, wowza this weather is lifting my mood !

.. inspired by pretty pictures on Instagram. Addicted, me? Nah.

.. looking forward to my birthday! Turning 20 on the 13th of April, done and over with my teenage years! I'm celebrating it with my friends a coupe of days earlier and I'm so excited to hang out with everyone again!

What have you been up to ? & do you like more personal posts like these? :)
Happy Sunday ! x 

P.S. totally stole this concept from, check out her amazing blog ! 

Let's Go Get Away

9march1 VINTAGE denim jacket, MANGO jumper, PRIMARK jeans, NEW LOOK boots, CASIO watch

So my parents decided to go on a roadtrip to the beach on Sunday and I was very eager to join them, as the weather man predicted it could be one of the warmest days in March ever. And so it was ! The weather was gorgeous and I had the best time :)

It was really difficult to decide what to wear though, I'm so done with my winter wear but the weather isn't THAT good  to wear breezy tops. Plus, I wanted the outfit to be comfi because I would spend a lot of time in the car. This outfit was the best of both worlds: a wintery knit combined with my ultimate spring jacket. Maybe not the most interesting outfit, but oh so comfi and it kept me the perfect amount of warm during the day !

Have a great day ! xo

P.S. Did you spot my dog ?? ;)