A Dog And A Turtleneck

6march1 ZARA leather jacket, TOPSHOP jumper, RIVER ISLAND jeans, BOOHOO loafers 

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of setting sun and a cozy, simple look to come up with pretty photographs!
The past couple of days haven't been the best for me, there's just so much to do for uni and I'm so sensitive to stress. During these days I really don't feel like dressing up, and honestly, why should I when an oversized grey jumper is just as pretty? I paired it with a dark-blue pair of jeans and my loafers (yes sorry, I just HAD to wear them again!!).

I have to say I'm feeling better already, especially with this weather! My dog always knows how to cheer me up as well. To explain the last picture: there was a pigeon up on a branch in the tree. If only my dog could've climbed it... she definitely would have ! ;)

I hope you have a great day & thank you for stopping by ! x
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  1. Mooie foto's en ah je hond is echt te schattig <3

  2. Aaaaaw, je hond is zo zo zo leuk! En je outfit vind ik heel tof, vooral de broek! :)

  3. Een knot staat je leuk! En je hond is zo cute! Leuke locatie vind het gaaf met de bomen op de achtergrond.


  4. love the leather jacket meid !

  5. Wat een toffe outfit, vooral je broek is erg leuk :) En wat een lieve hond zeg! xo