On The Back(pack) Burner

Image from Jakandjil.com

Deadlines deadlines deadlines. Even the name is full of irony! Anyways, just two weeks to go and I'm done with them and then it's time for two weeks of relaxing! What am I going to do?

001 A lot of reading. I'm super addicted to the Divergent series at the moment and I have a couple of Vogues to sift through ! 

002 A lot of researching. I want to figure out what I want to do in New York and Canada in August before I go study at uni in Alberta in September. So. Much. Fun. Oh, the pleasure of anticipation! 

003 A lot of blogging. Being busy with school makes me put my blog on the backburner, which sucksss. Time to get some inspiration and write many fun posts :)

004 A lot of celebrating. My birthday is coming up and I have fun things planned. Now is the time to look for the perfect party outfit. Any ideas ?

Ah.. just two weeks to go. I'm off to write my essays, hope you have a great Sunday! xx

P.S. How cute are those backpacks on the photograph above ?? 
My obsession with backpacks will soon be on the blog, but I haven't found a good look-a-like for this one yet ! 


  1. Divergent lijkt me zo'n goede serie! Hij staat zeker op mijn lijstje om te lezen!

    1. Jaaa doen! Ik kan niet stoppen met lezen hihi :) x