Feeling Festive

festival1DIY top, VINTAGE shorts & belt, H&M shoes, PRIMARK bag 

I'm not going to as many festivals as I would've liked to this year, simply due to the fact that I'm going to New York & Canada and that costs a lot of money! (hey, no complains ;)
However, this doesn't mean I cannot compile festival-worthy outfits & OMG, I love this one! These shorts are 'new', as in I bought them at the thriftstore two days ago. I also bought two other shorts but more on that later !

I just love the casualness of this outfit and I can definitely see myself wearing this, even if it's just for a city stroll instead of enjoying bands. Oh and by the way, I made this shirt myself! I'm such a fangirl haha, gotta love the Arctic Monkeys eh :) 

festival4 festival3


  1. I think I just fell in love with this outfit too! It's perfect! Love it!

  2. Dat shirt vind ik absoluut ge-wel-dig, en eigenlijk is de hele outfit super tof!