Gather All Hipsters

VINTAGE jumper, PRIMARK jeans, BOOHOO loafers, RIMMEL lipstick 

Woah I'm turning 20 tomorrow... time sure flies !! I had a pre-bday bash on Tuesday which was so much fun and I'm going to go to another party tonight. Not too much drinking though, I still have to have an appetite for lots of cake tomorrow ! ;) For now I'm going to give you a little spoiler: expect a VERY FUN post tomorrow on the blog, keep your eyes open ! 

On to the outfit. Yes, I felt like such a hipster wearing this and YES, I loved every minute of it! I have such a crush on this jumper. I know it may be a little too vintage-y for some people but I think it's a really fun addition to my otherwise so clean and preppy wardrobe. What do you think of this outfit? :)
Talk to you tomorrow, ON MY BDAY! *lets out a little shriek* 





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