Hot Town - But Looking So Pretty


As you know I'm going to New York in the summer and everybody who is a little familiar with New York summers know they can be HOT. However I do want to see more than just the air-conditioning system in my hotel room, so now's the time to start outfit planning. I want to wear something that's comfortable, breathable but also fashionable! ;)

I think this look combines all of the above. How awesome are these sneakers ? Even though they blend in perfectly with the Rocky Mountains I'll visit after New York, with the blouse and sunnies the shoes are perfectly city appropriate! I can already see myself trotting around in them :)
If you live in the Netherlands, you can buy these beauties here, with a discount! I'm really starting to get into sneakers, especially ones with a thicker sole like Vans :) About time I invest in some !

Did you ever spend a summer in a (hot) city? Any tips on outfits and essentials?  

P.S. I'm giving away two of my favourites at the moment!
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  1. Oeh hele leuke dingen! Heel leuk voor in New York! Die zonnebril heb ik! Haha

  2. Ah wat een gave spullen! Vind vooral die sneakers super tof haha. Ben zelf in een aantal ''hete'' bestemmingen geweest zoals Mexico, Las Vegas en Marokko. Echt tips heb ik niet, veel water drinken? Haha.