If Not Now, When ?


Yesterday I posted the quote in the title above on Instagram. During my research for my trip to New York and Canada I rediscovered Pinterest and I thought this quote was quite relevant to my life right now. I mean, I just turned twenty years old and it feels like my life is currently holding its breath, waiting for that one day in August (when I will hop on a plane) to exhale and start again. However, that's just not how it works, is it? I want to go on my trip so bad that I sometimes seem to forget the here and now, and how fun that can be!

I found something else on Pinterest which joins in on this. It was this chalkboard which you can write your future goals on - short and long term. I thought it'd be fun to share this with you on the web, so here we go :)

Today I Will... celebrate my dog's birthday haha. She turned four today! I still think it's a shame we're not born on the same day, as she is my full-time twinsie anyways ;)

This Week I Will... finally read all of the March issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar I didn't get round to. I can't wait to be inspired by all the spring and summer fashion, I'm still putting together the best outfits for the summer in NY and Canada (more on that later).

This Month I Will... be very busy! I'm starting a course on journalism next week (and another one on novels and films) which will be very demanding. On top of that I'm working some extra days and of course I will need to plan most of my trip ! All very fun though, so no complains thus far :)

This Year I Will... hopefully learn a lot about myself. I'm not just going to live on my own, I'm going to do that across the ocean. Every time I talk about it with family or a friend, it gets a little less surreal. I just can't wait to see what it all will bring me !

Next Year I Will... return to the Netherlands and go live on my own here, in my beloved city of Utrecht :) I'm really excited about that too. I'm currently still living with my parents because I'm saving up for Canada and while I love it here (I seriously have nothing to complain haha), I'm ready to fully live that student life ! :)

What are your short and long term goals? Share them below or on your own blog !
Hope you have a great day ! x 



  1. Je hebt helemaal gelijk! Mooi lijstje en gefeliciteerd met je hond! ;)

  2. Vet dat je naar Canada gaat! Wordt echt een super tijd! Ik zit nu in Oslo voor 6 maanden en het bevalt me zooo goed :)

  3. Leuk om jezelf die vragen te stellen! Leuk zeg dat je een reis gaat maken, heel tof! Mooie quote ook