The Details

15april1 15april4

Life of a fashionblogger isn't always easy and I experienced that yesterday. My-oh-my, the camera just wasn't having the best day haha. Anyways, I ended up with these detail-shots which I actually really like. I'm wearing my new see-through blouse which I got at the IJhallen for a couple of euros. The belt complement my glasses, but I guess you have to imagine that for yourself as there wasn't a decent picture with my head in the frame haha.

Today I'm going to meet up with one of my friends and we're going to shoot some pictures in the city, sooo fun! After that two of my friends from work are going to take me out to dinner for my birthday; it's a surprise where we're going so I'm super curious :) I hope you have a great day as well ! x

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  1. Beautiful shots! I always like the details!

  2. Ik ben het heel erg eens met deze outfit.

    Dat ja.