The Vintage Harvest


Yaay, a huge vintage haul today :D This is everything I bought on Sunday at the IJ-hallen. Above you can see an oversized jumper with an olive-coloured print. I put it on today (it was too warm to wear though) with my superskinny jeans and it looked great! I'll show it to you soon :)

A black, oversized dress. It's a little short but has no fitted waist, such a cute style! The neckline is very pretty too :)

A basic, grey jumper. The fabric is a little thicker than normal which is really pretty. This top can go with anything really, always nice to have :)

This is a super see-through, black top. I love the collar!  (you know my fondness of collars by now right?)

Such an edgy jacket! This jacket can also be worn as a blouse by the way, so versatile :) The woman I bought this from sold all kinds of official vintage Dutch army jackets, I really wish I made pictures of her stall, it looked so great !

I doubted about buying this blouse because I never wear animal prints. However I just love the colours of the blouse too much, so I bought it anyways :) !

OMG I know right: COLOUR?! Haha. The jumper is a little bit of a darker red in real life, but OMG this is so pretty. It has a sort of structure/pattern which makes the jumper really special. I bought this jumper and the blouse above at Nanne's stall. It was so fun to meet a blogger in real life and she was selling so much cute stuff, I seriously had to decide what to buy because I didn't want to exceed my budget haha!

P.S. I also bought a vintage Levi's 501, but sadly it doesn't fit me. Maybe one of you (Dutchies) is interested in it? It isn't cut to shorts yet but that's not very difficult to do! I'd say the sizing is a jeans size 26-27, even though it says on the label that it is a 28 (I'm a 28 in regular jeans size). Let me know! 

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  1. Wauw, hele mooie dingen gekocht!

  2. Het jurkje is echt gaaf! En echt jammer van de jeans, maar jammer genoeg zijn mijn heupen iets breder :)

  3. Wat een leuke dingen, vooral dat army jasje vind ik gaaf!

    Jules x

  4. Dat jurkje met die belijning boven vind ik echt prettyy! Jammer dat je levi's broek niet past mwehh :(

  5. Ooooh ja ik heb misschien wel interesse in je levi's broek! Ik heb normaal maat 26/27 dus misschien past ie wel! Heb je een foto en prijs? Mail me even op

  6. Die eerste pull is echt heel erg leuk!