What Other Bloggers Wear - May


Sometimes it feels like time slips right out of your hands... May, where have you gone ?!
For me, it was such a weird month fashion-wise. One minute it is superhot and the other it is pouring rain for three days in a row. Probably the reason I haven't posted many outfits this month... I'm really excited for next month though. School is almost over which means more time for outfits on the blog!

Anyways, here's your monthly recap of my favourite outfits from other bloggers. I really love how most of them mix in lighter colours with their blacks. Spring appropiate !  Which one is your favourite? x 









Short Lengths

H&M tunic, VINTAGE shorts, LAUNDRY INDUSTRY jacket, H&M shoes, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch 

Hi lovelies, what's going on?
I had such a good day in Utrecht yesterday  - I spent a whole afternoon with my bestie, who also happily shot these pictures. Yay! I wanted to wear my shorts so I built my outfit around that. I really like the contrast of the shorts with the long coat! And one can never go wrong with a little bit of black right ;) 

I find it so difficult to decide what to wear with this rainy weather; outfits are either too warm or too cold, or both ! It didn't really matter yesterday though, I spent most of my time in a café enjoying a high tea... there are worse days right ;) 

I have to work today and tomorrow and then Sunday it's time for Amsterdam, woohoo !
What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a good one ! x 
P.S. This is probably one of the last posts of me with my bun ! Going to get my hair cut next week, OMG! 





Insta Lately

I've reached 100 followers on Instagram this week ! Crazy right? I really like this app and I often post little outfit peeks on there (also of outfits which are not featured on the blog!) as well as peeks into my daily life.

If you don't already, you can follow me here :) For today, I thought it'd be fun to do a little Instagram update!

1 Selfie with my Mac lipstick, looooove this one ! 2 A quote to live by... Do the things YOU want and do them NOW
I'm so excited to be part of the Scarphelia NYC project. Read here what it is all about. You might even see me in a video soon ;)
4 From where I stand with some of my favourite clothing items
5 Remember the Antwerp/Forever 21 fiasco? At least we got some Belgian waffles...!
6 Wearing my grey midi dress and drinking a coke on the Liberation festival
7 BEST. LUNCH. EVER. Needless to say the Nutella one was mine 8 Made a pizza, yummy!
9 After a hot day I was so lucky to cycle in-between-summer-showers, with bare legs and all! 10 Wore my AM shirt.. I'm such a hipster
11 And another gorgeous day last week! Time to wear the Ray-Bans 12 Chop chop & bye bye to the bun, soonnn ;) 

The weather is getting better (FINALLY) so I have plans for a shoot today :) I'm also going shopping in Amsterdam on Sunday so I hope I can show you some new goodies soon ! What are you guys up to this weekend ?

For now, I hope you have a great day ! x 

Hat Me Up

hats5Inspiration from Pinterest 

I finally bit the bullet: I'm going to get a haircut! See this post if you don't know what I'm talking about ;)
Anyways, I'm already looking up hair tutorials for shorter hair and thinking about other ways to make my head a little more interesting (what?). And then magically I end up at the idea of buying a hat. One of those black ones, yes. It's such a versatile piece: it protects your head from the sun during summer and it keeps your ears warm (and your hair from being like an electric frizz ball) in the winter.

Finding reasons to be an accessory which I dont reaaaaally need? Heck yes. But what else is new right.

What do you think of this trend?
BTW - I hope to shoot some outfit pictures soon but the weather has been awful here, sorry!
Have a great day ! x 

  hats2hats3 hats1 hats4 hats8 hats6hats7 hats9

Vintage Shopping - Tips & Tricks


Most of you are familiar with love of vintage shopping by now- and that I sometimes get very very lucky (American Apparel mom jeans anyone?). I thought it'd be fun to share some tips with you guys - not that I'm an expert or anything, but hey, I pretend to be ;)

1. Browse, browse, browse
Wherever you go, be it the IJhallen or just your local thriftstore, no succesful purchase magically falls out of heaven. Don't just skip a rack of clothes just because a couple of clothes seem musky: you never know what might be squashed between them. Also,try to develop an eye for jewels (practice makes perfect): look for good fabrics, well-made seams and even attached tags. It's funny how, after a while, you sift through a pile of jeans and pick out that one pair of Levi's amongst 30 others. Trust me, it's worth the work (and the headache)!

2. Don't believe the labels
With vintage clothes, sizes aren't everything. I might very well have a size XL for a sweater which fits me like a Small. So if you find an item of clothing (especially with trousers), don't just leave it hanging on the rack even though  the label doesn't say your usual size. Hold it in front of you, on your body and, if you can, try it on. If you don't have that luxury, it might be useful to take your measurements (bust, waist, hips) with you, plus some measuring tape. But most importantly: don't trust old labels. Sometimes I try on 5 pairs of jeans, all supposedly my size, and none of them fit. And sometimes I try on a jeans, supposedly 2 sizes down my own, and it fits like a glove. Sizing has changed over the years, it doesn't say anything.

3. The Internet is your best friend
Even though a musky smell has its charm, there's nothing more convenient than browsing the web for vintage clothing. Of course, again, the sizing can be troubling. Know your body and know what shapes of clothing fit you. Also: you can of course always ask the seller to take the garment's measurements for you. Honestly, it's worth taking the risk. I have scored my denim jacket, for instance, for around 10 euros including shipping. I'm not saying that you should limit your vintage search to the world wide web, but it can be great to find what you're looking for quicker, rather than sifting through tons of racks at a vintage event. Try Facebook groups, eBay (and local variants) and Asos Marketplace for instance.

4. Dedication
Ah okay, rather dramatic title - I know. It's true though! Sometimes I go thriftshopping and half way through, I don't feel like it anymore. There's nothing wrong with that; I mean, let's face it, most of the stuff in thriftstores is junk - it can be overwhelming. It is good, however, to regularly visit (your local) thriftstores, to keep 'up-to-date' with their stock and be the first to snatch up that gorgeous overall or pair of loafers.

I think I can conclude with one final advice: vintage shopping is definitely more intense than 'regular' shopping, but when you find yourself wearing those 5-euro-Levi shorts or leather backpack - hell yes, it's worth it. :)


Love and Misadventure

From 'Love & Misadventure' by Lang Leav 

Sometimes all you need is a collection of inspiring poems...

I was having such a bad day yesterday... I don't really know why, sometimes there are just these off-days right? But okay, enough pity-party for the blog. Whenever I have such a Debbie-Downer moment, I always try to distract myself with some good music, a good book or, in yesterday's case, the poems by Lang Leav. They're simple, honest but very spot-on. I wanted to share two of my favourites with you guys :) There are a lot of his poems on the Internet, in case you're interested.

Reflective Saturday, anyone? x



Top It Off With Prints


I'm not one to go for a lot of colour or 'out-there'-pieces, I know. But the good weather is getting into my head lately and I'm falling more and more for tops with palmleafs and flowers . Pairing it with oversized jeans, Levi shorts or a maxi skirt and I'm good to go ! Below are some of my picks, definitely thinking about purchasing the pineapple & palm print ones from River Island...
What do you think of this trend? Which one is your favourite ?

Have a great day (almost weekend, hang in there ! :)) x  prints2

A Black And White Summer

FOREVER 21 blouse & skirt, H&M shoes, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch 

The weathergods must have heard me complaining about the rain last week, because my-oh-my, the sun is out and it is HOT! It really feels like summer is here and although I'm suffering from a little hayfever, I'm always happy when the weather gets warmer. Especially when I am in the city, with all the terraces full of people and everyone is out and about. Such a lovely atmosphere :)

Now on to the outfit! Time to show a little bit more leg with this weather, and what better way to do it gradually than with my maxi skirt! I paired it with this blouse from Forever21 which I bought last year. I really like this subtle aztec print :)

So I guess I really should get some colour in my wardrobe because this weather just asks for it. I felt way too black & white in this outfit. I wanted to wear a red lippie with it but I couldn't find my lipstick, fail! Ah well, I hope you like the look anyways :)

Have a great day! x 



Liebster Award / Get To Know Me Better!

LiebsterAward Hi wonderful people! Today I have something fun and different :) I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Lauren from LaChanna.com. I met her at the We Heart Fashion event and I think it's so sweet of her to nominate me :)
You have probably heard of the Liebster award before, but if you haven't: it's basically an award/nomination with which you can't really win anything but it's more for getting to know the person behind the blog a little better. So here we go !
The rules of this game are :

- State which blogger nominated you
- Answer the 11 questions they asked you
- Describe 11 facts about yourself
- Nominate 5 other bloggers who will then answer your personal questions
- Let your nominator know your post is online and let those bloggers know they are nominated :)

Phfew, okay, easy! So let's jump into the questions Lauren asked me !
(I translated them from Dutch to English by the way :)) 


1. Describe yourself in 5 words 
Spontaneous, caring, stubborn, emotional and a little goofy ;)

2. Describe your blog in 5 words 
Personal, upbeat, refreshing, fashionable and inspiring (or so I hope !!)

3. What makes your blog different from all the other blogs out there? 
Honestly, I don't really know. I'm just very much myself; in my writing as well as in my outfits and photography. I guess that makes my blog unique :) It's all me baby ! LOL

4. How long have you been blogging and why did you start? 
I'm actually blogging for 5 months already. It probably doesn't sound very long but for me it still feels like I just started, I'm still as excited ! I started because of two reasons mostly. I wanted to share one of my passions (fashion, doh) with a wider audience and I wanted a platform to practice my (English) writing. My blog combines both!

5. Which 5 blogs do you follow the most right now? 
There are obviously more than five since I'm quite the blog-junkie, but these blogs always lift my mood:
queenofjetlags.comnathalie-kemna.nlwe-heart-fashion.comtrineswardrobe.dk and lizzyvdligt.com

6. How does a regular day in your life look like? 
My days are never the same! But I often have class during the day and I always try to plan some fun stuff around that, such as going for drinks and/or shooting an outfit with a friend :) And then it's just some uni work, blogging and watching series! Oh and walking my lovely doggie as well, whenever I have time :)  I really want to get back into working out as well, but I've just been a little bit too busy lately.
I often go thriftshopping with my mom when I have a day off, or I just chill at home making smoothies all day :)

7. What is your favourite fashion item? 
Definitely my black leather jacket from Zara. I wear it all the time, it goes with everything and the quality is so nice!


8. What is your favourite beauty item? 
Two of my sweet friends gave me a Mac lipstick (a pink one, All Fired Up) for my birthday and I just love how long-lasting it is. The pigmentation is gorgeous!

9. If you could pick out an item for free, what would it be ? 
That's a difficult one. I think I'd go for a camera of my own. I'm using my dad's right now which I'm incredibly grateful for, but it has a zoomlens and there are just better lenses out there for fashionblogging. Also it's just way more practical to have one on my own haha. But what can I say, poor student eh ;)

10. How does your life look like in 5 years?
I'm really glad I have no single clue! Oh how boring life would be if we know what the future holds for us :) Of course I hope to have my degree and my own place, but other than that.... we'll see what happens ! I definitely hope I'm able to take you guys on that ride though, that's the plan anyways !

11. What do you want to achieve with your blog ? 
I don't have a set goal or anything. My blog is a big hobby of mine but I think it'll stay that way, at least for now. And I'm completely fine with that! Of course I hope to attend some more events and get into contact with more like-minded bloggers, but that's purely from a personal point of view :) I just hope to be able to continue with my blog for a long, looooong time and that other people will appreciate that as well!


11 Facts About Me ... 
(you sure you want to know all this ? ;))

1. I'd choose my dog over a guy any time. No doubt.

2. I used to have quite bad skin when I was a teenager and it resulted in me having a lot of acne scars. I went to a skin-therapist for it and she helped me a great deal. I'm so happy with how my skin looks now, the difference is like day and night.

3. I work in a small lunch-room during the weekends, which is great fun :)

4. I can be just as happy (and sometimes even happier) watching a movie with good snacks than going out clubbing.

5. I cannot eat gum for the life of me. The texture makes me throw up. Charming right ?!

6. I've never done anything 'crazy' with my hair. I really hope to change that soon though. No worries, no bald heads or pitch-black locks. My mom would have a heart-attack.

7. I'm always quite self-conscious about what I wear, even though I always like my outfits.

8. Every winter I suffer from the winter blues. I always try to prepare myself for it but that never works, I just get so inert and sometimes even sad or moody. Go figure that I'm super happy now, with the sun out :D

9. I love, love, loveee meeting new people. I always feel so refreshed after a conversation with someone I didn't know before.

10. I am a very strange reader. One moment I can be completely into a series, and the other moment I don't touch books for weeks.

11.  No matter how excited I am about studying in Canada for a semester, I'm also a little scared. There's a lot of responsibility to handle and I know I can do that, but still! Haha :)


Alright, sick of me yet? Time to nominate others ! I picked these people because I follow them religiously and I always see them coming back to my blog too. Spreading the love! My nominees for this award are....

Sara from This Is Not Another Blog
Naomi from Little Keys To Happiness
Claudia from Beauty Behind Clouds
4. Tessa from Raspberry And Ripped Jeans
5. Charlotte from Ordaining Serendipity

The questions...
either in English or Dutch, you pick :) I mixed some of my own with some of Lauren's !

1. Describe yourself in 5 words / Omschrijf jezelf in 5 woorden 
2. Why did you start blogging? / Waarom ben je begonnen met bloggen? 
3. What is it that makes your blog unique? / Wat maakt jouw blog uniek? 
4. What is most characteristic of your style? / Wat is nou echt jóuw stijl?
5. How does a regular day in your life look like? /  Hoe ziet een dag in jouw dagelijks leven eruit? 
6. If you could hop on a plane right now, what would your destination be? / Als je nu op een vliegtuig zou kunnen stappen, waar zou je dan heen gaan? 
7. What 5 blogs do you follow the most right now? / Welke 5 blogs volg jijzelf op dit moment fanatiek?
8.  What is the number one fashionitem on your wishlist? / Welk fashionitem staat er bovenaan je wishlist? 
9. What is your life motto? / Wat is jouw levensmotto? 
10. What would you like to achieve with your blog? / Wat zou je graag willen bereiken met je blog?
11. How do you hope your life looks like in 10 years? / Hoe hoop je dat je leven eruit ziet over 10 jaar? 

Good luck to the nominees ! x 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Feeling like such a sailor with this striped crop top, cropped mom jeans and platform sneakers !
I bought the top at H&M in a last-minute-stress-mood for my birthday and I'm actually really happy with it;
I don't own anything like it and it looks great with a red lippie and some loose curls :)

What do you think of this simple, (a little) preppy look?
Have a great day ! xo 

Vintage Denim and Ponytail Problems

VINTAGE denim jacket, jumper & bag, PRIMARK jeans, H&M shoes, MARC BY MARC JACOBS WATCH 

At lot of vintage today! It's quite a simple outfit but I like it nonetheless. It has been a while since I've worn my denim jacket too, a nice change from my leather jacket haha. Oh and I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail, whaaaaat?! My hair was so untameable, this was the only thing that worked (sort of...).I'm still thinking about cutting it by the way, I'll keep you posted on that one :) 

By the way, it was so fun to read all your comments Friday when I posted about my new bag. I'm happy you guys love it as much as I do, since you'll probably see it A LOT in the upcoming months haha. That's one thing I'm super excited about too: to not only go on this crazy trip across the Atlantic, but taking you guys with me! :) 

How's your weekend so far ? I'm cooking a belated Mother's day dinner today which I'm very excited about :) 
I hope you have an equally good day ! xo 



Festival Vibes With Primark



The perks of having a fashion blog? Being on the Primark mailing list, for one thing! Another? Continually being inspired to improve your style! Honestly, since I started my blog my style has changed gradually to a more unique, individual look.  And who thought Primark of all stores could help me enhance that ? (seriously sound like a sell-out now but no, this isn't a sponsored post haha)

I seriously fell in love with all the items below. I mean: mom jeans, large necklaces and a fedora hat all for less than 20 euros each? Yes puhhh-lease! All of these items are already in stores or available late May, so hurry scurry if you're like me and can't wait to get your hands on these festival-style summer items :)

Hope you have a great weekend! :) x 


My New Love


I mean, who needs guys anyways when there are backpacks ?! And this is not just A backpack, no, it is THE backpack. The backpack that will go and travel the US & Canada with me this summer and fall. This real leather, brown beauty was a birthday gift from my parents and I can't wait to put it to use!

You'll see the full outfit this weekend, have a great one ! x 

P.S. Remember I so subtly asked you to vote for me for an entire month in order to win the Insider's Tip Of The Month over at Insidefruits.nl? Well, I won ! I'm getting promoted for an entire month over at their website which is such an honour. Thanks to everyone who voted for me :) 



Off The Fence

13may1 ZARA leather jacket, VOGUE shirt, AMERICAN APPAREL jeans (vintage), H&M shoes, CASIO watch

Hello pretty people! How are you all doing? I've been having a good week thus far; luckily I have my uni-work on track and even though I have a lot of stuff to do for Canada, I have time to breathe a little :) and it's fun too, to prepare for my stay abroad ! It makes me feel like such a grown-up, getting a creditcard and stuff ;)

My outfit today features the Vogue shirt you have seen yesterday as well. I paired it with my mom jeans and the white sneakers, which I think look really nice together. 

My mom made me climb & sit on this fence, which didn't go very smoothly (needless to say, really) . I have a lot of bad photographs to proof it... keeping those to myself if you don't mind ;))) Had the best time though, I think spontaneous pictures (like the one below) are the most fun!

I hope you have a great day & I would love to hear what you think of this look! x