Hat Me Up

hats5Inspiration from Pinterest 

I finally bit the bullet: I'm going to get a haircut! See this post if you don't know what I'm talking about ;)
Anyways, I'm already looking up hair tutorials for shorter hair and thinking about other ways to make my head a little more interesting (what?). And then magically I end up at the idea of buying a hat. One of those black ones, yes. It's such a versatile piece: it protects your head from the sun during summer and it keeps your ears warm (and your hair from being like an electric frizz ball) in the winter.

Finding reasons to be an accessory which I dont reaaaaally need? Heck yes. But what else is new right.

What do you think of this trend?
BTW - I hope to shoot some outfit pictures soon but the weather has been awful here, sorry!
Have a great day ! x 

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  1. Dit soort hoeden zijn geweldig, al zo lang op zoek naar de perfecte...

  2. Hoedjes zijn zo leuk! Ben heel blij met de mijne! En ben heel benieuwd naar je nieuwe kapsel :)

  3. I love these black hats, it's a much more modern alternative to a straw fedora!