I Heart We-Heart-Fashion !

whf2LEFT: The goodiebags all lined up - RIGHT: Two signs of a (great) fashion party: magazines and balloons! 

I had such a fun day yesterday! I went to the We-Heart-Fashion blogevent. If you don't know this blog yet: it is ran by sisters Kim & Kelly and is focussed on, well, FASHION of course. ;) Whereas Kelly shows off her great style, Kim shares here modelling experiences with their readers. I've been following their blog for quite some time now and I was so excited when I heard they were throwing an event to celebrate their one year anniversary :)

Ploughing myself through pouring rain (yes, the hair-drama happened again... sigh) after a two-hour public transport journey, I was welcomed by the warm personalities of Kim and Kelly themselves. I can honestly say they are the nicest people :) !
The event itself was so much fun. The food and drinks were great (I mean, who doesn't love a glass of prosecco upon arrival?) and the colour-analysis workshop from their supersweet mother was soooo interesting. She told me that wearing grey suits my skincolour way better than black... Time to go shopping?!

Meeting other bloggers was so nice as well. I've never met people before with the same hobby as mine & it was great to talk about clothes, social media and bloggerproblems haha. Add to all this a great goodiebag with some awesome sunnies (among other cute stuff!) and one can very well state that the event was a succes :)

Thanks again to Kim & Kelly for having me and congrats on the anniversary,
may there be many more! xo 

LEFT: Wrap-snacks, bruchetta and minimuffins -  gotta love cute fingerfood ! - RIGHT: The awesome goodiebag :) 

LEFT: I wore my Levi's cutoffs and a grey sweater to the event - RIGHT: The sunnies from the goodiebag! 


  1. Klinkt echt super leuk! Als ik dit had geweten was ik ook gegaan! Maar helaas wist ik niet dat er een event was..

  2. Het was gezellig je te leren kennen!!
    Leuke goodiebag is het he :)

  3. Wat een leuk event zeg! Jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn!