Insta Lately

I've reached 100 followers on Instagram this week ! Crazy right? I really like this app and I often post little outfit peeks on there (also of outfits which are not featured on the blog!) as well as peeks into my daily life.

If you don't already, you can follow me here :) For today, I thought it'd be fun to do a little Instagram update!

1 Selfie with my Mac lipstick, looooove this one ! 2 A quote to live by... Do the things YOU want and do them NOW
I'm so excited to be part of the Scarphelia NYC project. Read here what it is all about. You might even see me in a video soon ;)
4 From where I stand with some of my favourite clothing items
5 Remember the Antwerp/Forever 21 fiasco? At least we got some Belgian waffles...!
6 Wearing my grey midi dress and drinking a coke on the Liberation festival
7 BEST. LUNCH. EVER. Needless to say the Nutella one was mine 8 Made a pizza, yummy!
9 After a hot day I was so lucky to cycle in-between-summer-showers, with bare legs and all! 10 Wore my AM shirt.. I'm such a hipster
11 And another gorgeous day last week! Time to wear the Ray-Bans 12 Chop chop & bye bye to the bun, soonnn ;) 

The weather is getting better (FINALLY) so I have plans for a shoot today :) I'm also going shopping in Amsterdam on Sunday so I hope I can show you some new goodies soon ! What are you guys up to this weekend ?

For now, I hope you have a great day ! x 


  1. Ahh ziet er super leuk uit! Die mac lipstick ziet er echt mooi uit! En die wafels zien er ook heerlijk uit! Liefs

  2. Mmm die wafels zien er zo lekker uit!

  3. Hele leuke foto's! Ik volg je nu op instagram (:


  4. *an English not a on your insta profile ;)