Going To The Gym (Or Just Looking Like It)


Alright, I admit: I'm not the work-out wonder I wish I was. I don't know what it is. I genuinely like running and pilates - and just the feeling that your body has to put in some effort to reach a next goal. It makes you feel awake and refreshed if you get what I mean. But I just don't seem to be able to stick to a certain schedule. I either get too busy or don't feel fit enough to go to the gym and then as soon as I know it, another week has goon by without exercise... I know, I know: "tomorrow/next week/after exams I'll definitely go to the gym".... #nope.

In a strange way it actually does NOT help me that recent trends have been inspired by sportswear. I really like sporty crop tops combined with jersey fabrics - it's like coming walking right out of the gym - without the effort (and with my make-up in tact and my hair all tamed instead of being a frizz ball). I couldn't imagine myself wearing such a fashionable outfit to the gym anyways - my god, I think all the pumped-up-Geordie-Shore-look-a-likes would have heart-attack - and no, not because I'd look superhot but because I'd look incredibly ridiculous and they would have to snort so hard their fake tan would get all up in their nose.

Alright - there's no real point in this blogpost really. Or maybe there is: let's get my ass back to the gym (oversized t-shirt and frizzy hair included) so I can wear that cute sportswear outside the gym. Start a sort-of "Save a Geordie, Wear A Sexless Outfit" collective. I'll definitely get to that next week.

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  1. ahahaha wat een geweldig geschreven post!! Ik ben helaas ook niet zo'n sportwonder... Ik denk wel dat je nu een goede keuze hebt gemaakt! ;)