Oh Hi, New Hair


Remember that tale about that one blogger who was offline for too many days? Yeah, I know. I had my last exam on Monday and I've just been away all day err day since then. And to be honest: I was lacking any kind of energy to do anything, really. I'm always completely deflated after a period of exams and deadlines but... there's time to recharge right now because I officially have summer holiday! Yay !

I went shooting outfit pictures yesterday with the lovely Sara (check out her blog if you don't know her already!) and it was so much fun! Today I'm showing you some better pictures of my blonde hair :) What do you think ?

I hope to fully get back in the blogging game now I have some more time on my hands. I have quite some stuff planned in the upcoming month which will be fun to feature on the blog as well so hopefully I can take you guys with me on my trips while I'm still in Holland. Less than two months and I'll be hopping on a plane, craaaazy!! Can't wait though !

Have a great day! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the full outfit :) x 



  1. Ik heb mijn haar gister toevallig ook met blonde plukjes voorzien hihi, het staat je harstikke mooi!
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Wauw, je haar is echt een beauty! Ben benieuwd naar de rest van de foto's ;)

  3. Je haar is zo mooi, staat je goed! :)

  4. Helemaal te begrijpen! Had ik ook! Je haar is zo prachtig! Ben benieuwd naar de andere foto's! Geniet van je vakantie!

  5. Oooh, knapperd! Het staat je super goed! :)

  6. W O A H. You beautiful human being are. You hair lovely has. Hahahah, nee oke maar wauw! It's amah-zing! X