The Days Are Gone

2june1FOREVER 21 top, BERSHKA jeans, NEW LOOK boots, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch 

Hi guys ! I couldn't wait to wear my new items so I tackled one of my friends to shoot this look with me :) I'm so lucky to have friends who enjoy helping me out, big thanks to them!
So... what do you think about the jeans ? They are so comfortable and I think they fit really nicely. I'm just so happy with them :) I wore my Mac lipstick too (colour = All Fired Up) to give it some edge!

Also, this will probably be the last time you'll see my hair like this, since I'm going to the hairdresser today! I'm actually quite nervous haha, if it gets ruined there's no way of hiding myself since I have the blog and all... :p ah well I'm sure it'll turn out just fine. I'm only going to get a chop today because the hairdresser doesn't have time to dye it as well. I'm going to fix that soon though! Check my Instagram or Twitter for updates on the hairies :)

I think it's crazy that it's already June by the way. Only three weeks to go and I have summer holiday and then it'll be eight months until I return to my uni here in Utrecht.... Whaaaat ?!
On top of that, my sister is coming home this weekend too from a 9-month trip around the world. It feels like only yesterday that we waved her goodbye at the airport, time flies by so fast ! Sometimes I feel like it all goes a little too quickly, but sadly we don't have any control over that. And I'm also really excited to see what the future has in store for me. With New York, Canada and living on my own in Utrecht to look forward to, I think it'll be an enjoyable ride ;)

Have a great day! And let me know what you think about my outfit! x 






  1. Deze jeans zijn net als 'Heaven' Ik moet snel kijken in de Berska!

  2. Hij is echt heel gaaf :) Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe kapsel ook!

  3. Je bent zo'n geluksvogel dat je naar Canada gaat. En ik ben in love met je jeans, prachtig!

  4. Hell yeah i'm coming home sis! How nice of you to mention in your blog :) Checking in at the moment on sydney airport, can't wait to see you ( and your whole new wardrobe hahaa) xxxxx