The Dye Happened - I'M A BLONDIE


Gracing you guys today with a shameless selfie... of my new hayuuurrr ! The ombre didn't really happen, sadly - my hairdresser did her best to combine highlights with the beloved dark-to-light effect, but you don't really see the latter. Ah well. I'M BLONDE ANYWAYS, and I love it :) Better pictures soooon ! What are your thoughts on it so far? 

Sorry for being a lil' MIA by the way, deadlines got the better of me and I just didn't have any inspiration for the blog. In the end it's still a lovely hobby, which sometimes will not get all of my attention.... I do have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in July though (some even blog-related! ), so don't leave me just yet ;)

Have a great day ! x 

P.S. This is blogpost number 100 ! Yay ! 


  1. Ziet er super leuk uit! Ben benieuwd naar meer foto's! En ook naar wat je allemaal in juli gaat doen voor je blog!

  2. Wauw, vind het je nu al prachtig staan!

  3. Aah het staat je echt harstikke leuk! Lekker zomers!
    Liefs, Tessa

  4. Staat je super! En lekker voor de zomer :)