Evening Glow

MONKI blouse, LEVI'S (vintage) shorts, NEW LOOK boots, MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch, RAY-BAN sunglasses 

(What's up with the boo-tay pictures? Hahaha)
Okay I'll admit: it might have been a little too hot outside to wear this white blouse. I wore it anyways, I love it so much! I also think you can never go wrong with a crisp blouse and some denim, so I decided to balance out the high neck of the top by showing off some skin, a.k.a. my legs ;) Also, my shorts decided to have a little life of their own so now it looks like one leg is shorter than the other. Not my fault, blame it on the sweaty weather haha.

Luckily in between work days I get to relax a little bit and enjoy the weather. I don't think I ever had a summer where I'm continuously out doing things and meeting people, and I love it so much!
Thank you by the way for all your sweet comments on my last post. The fact that you are excited for me going to Canada makes ME excited haha, I love it! I feel so lucky to be even a little part of such a great community :)

Have a great day ! x 




See You At The Beach


Hi everyone! You might wonder where I have been for these past three weeks. My life is like a crazy rollercoaster at the moment and while I was planning on taking you guys with me on that ride, time and space doesn't always allow that, so I've experienced... While I was busy planning my stay abroad in Canada, my parents decided they wanted to start a new chapter in their lives as well: we're moving ! I've never moved in my entire life and now, in the upcoming half a year, I'll move THREE TIMES. First to Canada, then back to my parents new home and then on my own to Utrecht... I guess now you'll understand why I call my life a little crazy at times !

However, this isn't a bad-crazy. I'm so happy for my parents and I love the fact that we're all starting up something new, even though it's apart from each other. Also, I've met some great people and have done some superfun things these past couple of months which has made me realise that new experiences should be welcomed with open arms. You'll never know what it may bring you! I was so busy with figuring out my stay in Canada (I got a room by the way! I am SO happy about that!) that I forgot for a little to look around me and all the great things that were happening right in front of me. And even though I'm only here for just four weeks, I am busier with living in the "now" than ever!

Being so busy, however, has made me put my blog on the backburner a little bit. I'm going to try to change that though! A lot of working days are coming up so I'm definitely not promising to post a certain amount of days a week, but I DO promise to keep you guys updated on new outfits, changes in my life and all-round-feel-good-moments. Because a happy life is better when shared :) 

Lots of love x 



What Other Bloggers Wear - June

BOTH - Collage Vintage 

Whoooops, this month went by so fast that this post is actually a day too late.
Ah well, I think you guys can handle it, right ;)
Because I've been so busy with deadlines I didn't have time to keep track of other blogs very well, but luckily my favourites never disappoint! I really like the striped top below (from Jony) and yeah everything by Collage Vintage is just on my want/need list... I love her style !

Which look is your favourite? x