A Beautiful Infinity

New York 2014
(My first poem on the interwebs and I'm so nervous to show it to you guys haha. 
It's a dedication to a person in my life who has brightened my world, and continues to do so every day. 
I would love to hear what you think ! x)

Oh that summer
Seemed to last forever

With its Levi shorts
And hopeful hearts

But as leaves started to change
In colour
And wind started to gush
Around us

Time was chasing us 
Telling us 
There is no such thing as 

But that summer 
We made every moment 

Coloured the skies 
With our happiness 

Painted the walls 
With our love 

And as fall came around 
Our summer did not end

But it marked its presence
In the fallen leaves 
And the raindrops around us  

When snow clouds the sky 
And frost covers the walls 

Our hearts will warm
On the thought of that summer 

A beautiful infinity 

My Inner Lumberjack

TARGET shoes, FOREVER 21 flannel 

Oh no I didn't... Ehrm, yes I did.
But hey! Look at those babies! I've been wanting a pair of Docs for a while now and these ones come close enough for me. Oh and yes, I bought a flannel. I'm seriously not kidding when I tell you that I think ALL Canadians own a plaid shirt. Naturally, I couldn't stay behind. Embracing my inner lumberjack, and it feels so goooood.

My budget here doesn't allow me to go all crazy on shopping, but that's fine. I didn't bring a shitload of clothes from home for nothing right! I hope to show you guys an outfit soon, shooting with all these pretty autumn colours outside here should be fun! Let me know what you think of my new purchases :)



When Life Catches Up On You

Yes, the Rockies are really postcard-perfect ! :) 
Oh, hi there... Can you tell my life has been crazy hectic since I've left my homecountry? I can't believe I'm already gone for 6 weeks, and I can't believe I've been living my life here in Canada for over a month already !
I haven't given myself the time to update the blog, even though I really wanted to. I just needed some time to settle down and settle in, meet all these amazing new people and sort out my life. Which hasn't fully succeeded yet, to be honest.

Coming here, to Edmonton, Canada, I was so afraid to feel lonely, or worse, be lonely. Obviously those fears are always super unnecessary, which proved itself once again because I already have an amazing group of people around me here who I am so lucky and happy to call friends (or surrogate-family, if I may ;).
So in that respect everything is going very well here. Classes have started which took some time getting used to, but I think I have everything well organised at the moment.

So why do I feel like I'm sometimes losing my grip on life? I guess because I felt this summer would last forever. I have not been online this summer, because my life was CRAZY and it seemed everything was happing at once. In a good way.
And this past month made me realise two things. 1 - Summer does really end and 2 - Long distance is a bitch.
Long distance as in missing your family, friends, and that special someone. Oh, and don't forget the dog. Hell, I wish her black and blonde tail could come wagging in my room right now.

I'm not homesick. That's not it. It's just that sometimes so many great things are happening to you and you just wish people from home would be there to experience them with you.

But I guess this is all part of the process. Call it culture-shock, call it being overly emotional (ehh yeah that's me), it's part of living on my own in a country across a huge freaking ocean. Trust me, I've seen it (from an airplane window- that is).

This doesn't mean that I'm not fully enjoying my stay here. I feel so lucky that I get this opportunity to build up my life here in a foreign country and spend a semester learning about so many new things and experiencing things I will benefit from my entire life. At some times it's just a little harder to enjoy it all on your own. And that's okay :)

I feel like blogging will take a little turn for me. I want to explore the writer-side of me, as well as sticking with fashion from time to time (Hey, don't worry! Once a fashionvictim, always a fashionvictim. They couldn't beat it out of me if they wanted to ;)). That's so great about having a blog: it's my own and I can do whatever I want with it.

I hope to bring you guys on my journey with me from now on. I really feel like my stay here and everything that is happening in my life at the moment already makes me grow so much - and I hope to give a little piece of that to you guys through the magical world of the interwebs. :)

See you soon !