A Beautiful Infinity

New York 2014
(My first poem on the interwebs and I'm so nervous to show it to you guys haha. 
It's a dedication to a person in my life who has brightened my world, and continues to do so every day. 
I would love to hear what you think ! x)

Oh that summer
Seemed to last forever

With its Levi shorts
And hopeful hearts

But as leaves started to change
In colour
And wind started to gush
Around us

Time was chasing us 
Telling us 
There is no such thing as 

But that summer 
We made every moment 

Coloured the skies 
With our happiness 

Painted the walls 
With our love 

And as fall came around 
Our summer did not end

But it marked its presence
In the fallen leaves 
And the raindrops around us  

When snow clouds the sky 
And frost covers the walls 

Our hearts will warm
On the thought of that summer 

A beautiful infinity 


  1. I find it very beautiful..
    I'm a very visual person so when I read a book/poem I can see it (my version of course) so it's like even more intense, you know?
    It's sad but beautiful at the same time, that's an art!
    I would love to read more poems; but only if you feel comfortable posting them.
    Really beautiful, congrats :)
    xo Lyn

  2. Ahh, Leneth, wat mooooi! Ik heb 't echt drie keer gelezen omdat ik er maar geen genoeg van kan krijgen
    Meer meer meer! (:
    (also, it was nice to hear from you again)