I look back on the past year and see a dark grey blur. It has been a whirlwind of paradoxical emotions which came at me hard, fast and merciless. In the attempt to dodge the rain and clouds, it has been difficult for me to see the hidden rays of sunlight. That doesn't mean I'm not appreciative of all the opportunities I've been granted in 2015 or of the great support system that life has given me (which I'm not sure I fully deserve). It does mean that opening up the sky single-handedly is proving to be more strenuous than I have the energy for. And it also means I'm not going to look back too much. As I fasten my pace slowly but surely towards the new year, I magnify that dark grey blur with a slight sting in my heart.

After all, you can only sharpen the image by focussing on it.

And then I push the shutter-button. Done. In a split-second.

I take a mental picture of the past year. I put it in the scrapbook I call my memory, after pictures of snow, sled-dogs, moving trucks and parties. I put it after pictures of me, smiling, unknowing of the clouds that were approaching.
I can't throw it away. The past year, like any other, has shaped, formed, moulded and forced me into the human being I am this very day. I don't precisely know who that human being is, or what she stands for. I do know what she is not and what she wants to accomplish.
I feel as if I'm the camera, in between the moment the button is pressed and the shutter closes. I'm doing something, but what, exactly?

I'm determined to close that shutter today. I know I can't promise myself no more heart ache, frustration or anxiety. But I do know that this determination to get better and feel better is ever growing inside of me, and I am not going let anyone change that, especially not myself.
I am determined to start a new chapter today. And I hope that looking back, I will be able to title it "A Vast Blur of Sunlight".

Christmas Sass

Hello guys! How are you all doing? 

For some reason I've been feeling extra festive since November (I basically bought all my Christmas lights before Halloween), and I'm over the moon excited about all the cozy jumpers in store, the Christmas posts on everyone's blogs, and lets not forget the most important thing in life: Christmas mugs.
So I went to Primark about a week ago with the main aim of getting a Christmas jumper. I've been browsing the Internet since end of September (I'm not even kidding here), looking for the perfect one, and I think I have fallen in love with this one right here. It's from the men's section, if you're wondering, and it has the cutest reindeer on it with a fluffy red nose.
I may have been sneakily wearing it already a couple of times, although I regretted that a bit when I needed to take the trash out the other day....

Keep your eyes peeled because my friend and I had a little pre-Christmas eve this week, and the pictures have turned out really nice and cozy. That post will be up soon!
For now, I would love to know if you are a bit Christmas crazy like I am, and if you already got your hands on a Winter-y jumper?
Let me know!
Lots of love x 

jumper1 jumper8 jumper6 jumper5 jumper4 jumper3

Silver And Wool

I hardly ever wear rings anymore and honestly, I don't really know why! When I found this big, marbled-effect ring in Primark, I decided to try this jewellery again. I love how it looks with my oversized flully jumper (from the same store) and dangly bracelets. It adds a little extra to the outfit, don't you think?

I wish I had a little more time to play with my camera to be honest, but again, I've been so so busy these past weeks. Since I'm starting my thesis in November, I've made sure I don't have to work so much from that month onwards. And then only 3 more months to go until I (hopefully) graduate! That's such a crazy idea! I can't wait until I have some more time on my hands to do the things I like, haha :)

For now, I hope you're having a fabulous start of your week!


Dreaming Of Autumn

ZARA leather jacket, VERA LUCY dress, NEW LOOK shoes, CASIO watch

If this isn't one of the prettiest backdrops Utrecht has to offer...! One of my lovely friends took these amazing pictures of me in my new burgundy dress, and I think the gorgeous setting complements the colour so well!

I found this dress in a random boutique in Leiden and I really like it. It has a high neck and falls nicely on the knee. It's perfect for these indian summer days we're having right now, but will work just as well with some thin thights and a chunky cardigan for the colder days. You'll have to excuse me for bringing in burgundy AGAIN, I just really love this autumn colour and think it suits me quite well!

Where did September go by the way? I'm already almost finished with the first course of the new year. Not long now until I graduate.... eek! Time is flying by! I can't wait until I get to have a half year "off" though, and spend my free days on my blog and the people around me. I'm ready for some new, exciting things!

I hope you're all doing well. Have a great day!

dress1 dress6 dress3 dress5 dress4

Winter Wishlist: Up 'Till My Ankles

winterboots Alright, I'm not going to lie: it's not like I don't have black ankle boots already. Let's get that out of the way. HOWEVER, the black boots I have are quite chunky, and I feel like a more pointed toe and classic heel style would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. I've seen these ones from Topshop which I really like, but after my camera purchase, they may just have to wait a little longer to be bought... For now, just some nice inspiration for you all :)

Do you like black ankle boots? What would you style them with?


Inbetween Seasons

BERSHKA top, RIVER ISLAND jeans, NEW LOOK shoes and necklace
I was so excited to go and shoot my first outfit pictures with this camera! It still takes a lot getting used to and I haven't figured out all the settings yet, but for now I'm pretty darn happy with the look of it :) 

We have been experiencing some lovely weather the past week and it's been giving me a true indian summer vibe. However, it's always difficult what to wear, since in the morning it can be freezing cold but in the afternoon I find myself lugging around my coat and scarf, haha. This thin, burgundy jumper from Bershka is perfect for these weather conditions, and the jeans from River Island add a little summery touch because of their light colour. You're already familiar with the necklace from New Look; I seem to be wearing it almost every day! I like how it gives a little edge. 

So I got to spend a day with the boyfriend which is pretty rare (we're both just so busy), and we had the loveliest time wandering around Leiden (including lot's of bad food). I always seem to discover new shops and special things (such as this poem on a random wall, which I'm absolutely in love with). This city is slowly getting a special place in my heart... uh oh!

Let me know what you think of this look!
Have a great day :) xo 

burgun7 burgun1 burgun5 burgun2 burgun3 burgun8 burgun6

Winter Wishlist: Swinging Around

winterskirt The first time I flicked open a September issue of a fashion magazine this year, I wasn't so sure what to think of the whole seventies trend. However, as I'm watching more and more autumn fashion hauls on Youtube, I've been catching myself looking for suede, mini skirts, and high ankle boots.

I used to wear skirts all the time in high school, it was sort of my thing, and I haven't worn them in ages! I really want an a-line skirt for winter and maybe a midi skirt or dress in a wool fabric. I feel like I want to make this season a little more feminine for myself! With this inspiration, at least I will know how to style it :)

Are you a skirt-kinda-girl?
Have a great day! xo


Under The Weather


Eek! Do you know that feeling, when you get up with a sore throat and a headache, and you know a cold (or worse!) is coming up? And do you also know the stress which comes with it, when you know you don't have any TIME to get sick?

I've been giving my body some extra fruits and veggies the past week, and with an occasional aspirin I seem to be just fine, but with a week full of work coming up, I hope to keep this dooming nastiness away from me as far as possible!

I feel like a lot of people around me are going through the same ordeal, and we may just have to blame it on the weather change. Less vitamin D (or none, really) and shorter days: it's not doing us any good is it? Although I've been loving snuggling up with some tea while I hear the rain ticking away on my window, my body is asking for sun, blue skies and long summer nights.

I'm sorry bod, autumn is catching up on us and we have no other choice than to face it! With cozy jumpers, tea with honey and fuzzy plaids, I'm sure I'll get through these grey days!

Have a good one! x 

Welcome to LNTHW 2.0!

newlayout1 Yay!! Welcome to the fresh, new LNTHW.com! After I bought my own domain a few months back, I have been supermotivated to take my blog to a little more of a next level. And here we are! I changed my design to a somewhat more professional look and, more importantly, it's more responsive (which means that you can view it better on your phone and tablet!).
Let me know what you think! I'm so excited about it all :)

For now, I hope you have a great weekend!

Oh No I Didn't!

Oh yes, I definitely did!
I couldn't be happier to tell you I bought my very own DSLR camera this week, the Canon 700D to be precise! This was one of my 'new year' goals at the beginning of this month, and since I could get a really good deal on this baby, I decided to spend my hard-earned and saved money on it! I am so excited, since I know this will not only take my photography hobby to the next level, but also my blog.
Plus, in the next few days something else exciting is going to happen to my little place on the internet... I'm going to change the design! I have been working on it for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to wait until I got my camera, so my new design could enjoy better quality photo's :)

Exciting things! I'm pretty over the moon about it all! Keep your eyes peeled for the new lay-out soon.

Love, Leneth 

A Whistling Answer

You remind me
Of a place where
Leafs turn from green
To yellow to red
Of the wind through my hair
Of my silent footprints on the soft ground

This space may have been 
Stepped on many a times
Adored in abundance 
Felt on the skin of many generations

Yet all I can see 
Are the edges of the sun as I look up
A flickering on my face as I
Hear the birds sing their song
And the trees 
With their rustling petals as a 
Whistling answer 

Saying Yes More Often

Rocky Mountains in Banff - 2014

I stumble upon a photograph and it takes me back a year. I close my eyes. Heavy frost and deep snow is what I feel on my skin and around me. Should I book it? I remember asking a friend. I wasn't so sure what our friends would think or say, and if they wanted to join at all. Just do it, said the dream in my head.

I smile. The photograph reminds me of a time when I grabbed life with two hands and shook it real hard until something magical popped out. Sort of like you would turn an old purse upside down, in the hope that coins would fall out.
Of course there were insecurities during that time, but they paled in comparison to the happiness that I experienced by just doing things. No overthinking, no worrying, just throwing myself into the deep end and seeing what happens.

It is the best way I have ever lived my life. I can't wait to try and do it again.


P.S. Apparently my Bloglovin' account wasn't working properly, so if you're following me through there, you may have a couple of posts to catch up on! 

Feeling Different


I am absolutely in love with these heels from New Look! I bought them in the sale in Wales, for a tenner! I wish I could walk a little better in them though - they are pretty high so not the most comfortable shoes ever made. Then again, I think they look pretty cool with these vintage-style mom jeans (also a Wales-sales-purchase, from River Island) and my grey Topshop jumper (which you can see a bit better on this Instagram photo). Oh, I'm so British... ;) It's such a different look but somehow, it works!

Uni has started again today which is quite a pain. I think I'm just quite 'done' with my bachelor's, I really want a new challenge study-wise. I also can't wait until I graduate and I can pour all of my free time into my blog and other things I love. Just six more months! Have you started school (or work) again?

Let me know what you think of this look!
Have a great day,

Autumn Bucket List

I always feel like instead of January, September is the start of a new year. Like I said before, summer holiday for me is a time to think about new plans. Of course it went by way too fast (as always) but I do feel like I've got some things thought out before school begins. Most of all, I have some plans I hope to accomplish before the actual end of the year. I will share some of them with you today :)

Before the start of 2016, I would like to... 

#1 Buy a nice camera. Okay, I'm finally truly fed up with having to cope with bad lighting and focus, haha. I'm also thinking about maybe starting up Youtube alongside my blog, so a new, better camera which can both photograph and film is on the very top of my wishlist. I hope to realize this sooner rather than later, because once I set my mind to something... ;)

#2 Read one book a month. I love reading a lot, but somehow I always end up watching Primark hauls on Youtube and scrolling through Facebook, instead of making a cup of tea, switching my phone off and grab a book. And that while I have at least 6 books waiting for me on my shelf ánd it always makes me very happy to read. Time to make that happen!

#3 Hit the gym again. In Canada I worked out at least twice a week, and oftentimes three. It felt so good to release negative energy by exercising! The past half year I have neglected my body a little bit, plus I think my mind will benefit from it as well. No more excuses ?!

#4 Stay balanced. Let's not forget about what is going well now, instead of only looking at what I haven't done or achieved yet! I'm very happy with how the past two months I have regained some control over my emotions, and how I'm learning to consciously plan in 'me-time'. I'm feeling tons better and I hope to continue growing this strong feeling within me in the winter months. Yay for happiness!

Do you also always feel like the new year starts after summer holiday? And what would you like to achieve before the start of 2016? Let me know :) 

Have a great day, 

Winter Wishlist: Feeling (Not So) Grey

If you follow me on Pinterest, this item on my wishlist will come as no surprise. I have been repinning images of big grey wintercoats for several weeks now and I can't seem to get enough of it!
I often (ehrm.. almost always) wear black, especially in winter. That's why I think a (light) grey wintercoat will be a great addition to my wardrobe: it will lighten up the look and match fabulously with my red tartan scarf I bought in Canada (that thing is like a blanket, I love it!).
Now it's just a waiting game until the shops fill up with woollen jackets. Until then, this inspiration will do...

Have a great day!

Images: Pinterest - follow me here

Wanderlust in Wales

I'm back from a wonderful trip to Wales! I had a lovely time with the boyfriend, his family and his friends. I always love being in the UK: I don't know what it is, but I feel right at home. We managed to fit in some shopping (cold-shoulder jumper in the pictures is one of the purchases - more on this later ;)), some Cheeky Nando's (all the Brits will know what I'm talking about, he he), some crazy Chester partying (hence the heels... they looked lovely but felt awful at the end of the night!) and a whole lot more.

I didn't want to leave to be honest, but I've returned to the real world now *sob*. School in 1,5 week, work has already started... Is summer really already over ?! Where did it go?

Have a wonderful day!

Fringe Fest

BERSHKA jacket - get it here 

Ooooops. I actually didn't want to show you anything I had bought until after England, since I most likely will pick up some goodies there as well. BUT - I did some shopping when I had some spare time last week, and I can't just NOT show you so here we go...

I had seen this fringed, suede-like jacket in the window display some weeks ago and I immediately concluded that yes, it was very pretty but no, it would not suit me. Little did I know that, a few weeks later, I would try it on 'just to see what it's like' and I immediately fell in love with it. It's something quite different, but it's so cute and PERFECT for the transition from summer to autumn/winter. It's quite warm and I could fit a sweater underneath if I have to. (You can see these are all the arguments I told myself when I was at the till, haha)

The pictures are not the best quality as you may have noticed... the camera I'm working with really has good light as its best friend and doesn't quite function properly without. I hope it's still OK-ish anyways :)

Alrighty, I will see you after England, with hopefully some more pretty fashion (and sight-seeing?!) to show you! Let me know what you think of my new jacket :)



Looking Forward


For some reason I really liked this vintage picture frame with my navy floral dress and I thought it made a really pretty photograph, haha. Agree or disagree ? 

Oops, my blog was down for about two days! I recently switched to an own domain, as you guys probably all know, and apparently something went wrong in the verifying process. Booo, I was in such a bad mood when all that happened, haha! Anyways, I'm back online now and I wanted to just sit down and catch up. I love the fact that I'm back into the blogosphere again, but I don't have as much free time as I would like and the blog is slowly getting on the backburner again (nooooo) :(

Luckily, I am starting my last half year of uni in about three weeks (I plan on graduating from my bachelors in February) and it won't be very busy. I'm quite excited for that, to just work a little on the side but also genuinely have the time to work on my blog and maybe take it to another next level. After all, this hobby brings me so much positive energy and joy, and I want to invest in that more!

I'm also very excited for this upcoming week, since I will be going to Wales on Thursday for 5 days! It's the first time I'm joining my boyfriend for a visit to the place he grew up (and where his family and childhood friends live) and I'm very excited to go and see it. It will be nice to get away too, before uni starts (and thesis stress!). Plus, we both work very hard so we hardly get to see each other - I'm very much looking forward to see a little more of his handsome face for a few days haha!!

With all these exciting plans to look forward to, I can honestly say I'm doing quite well! It's been a while since my head is (at times) just totally at peace, and it feels great! That jagged graph I talked about a month ago is definitely still going up. I feel that making decisions based on my feelings - and not apologizing for it - is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. Talk soon !


Jumping Into Fall

P1180030 (1)

Call me crazy, but I am starting to get excited for autumn. It's that time of the year that the September issues of fashion magazines are coming out, window displays show off a little more burgundy and black and I need to start thinking about buying school supplies again (yikes!). And even though I'm still walking around in shorts and rocking a pretty nice tan, I am keen to wrap myself in soft jumpers and figure hugging skinny jeans again.

I couldn't believe my luck when I was browsing H&M the other day and I found this pink jumper in the sale for a tenner. It's so cozy, and the colour is perfect for the transitional time we find ourselves in. Yay!
Expect an outfit post with this one soon :)





Don't you guys love Pinterest? I have definitely rediscovered it - I really like flipping through pictures of inspirational quotes, unhealthy recipes (Oreo cheesecake anyone?!) and of course fashion! Today I'm sharing some fashion inspiration with you.

Oh, and don't be shy to follow me over there, and I would love it if you leave your Pinterest username down below, I'm always looking for new people to follow!
I hope you guys are having a good start of August! Let's enjoy this last month of summer :) x