Part of the Nightsky


Like the night hugs the stars
A beautiful parallel in the dark

Shadows painting the ceiling
A mix of golden light
And black sparkles

Together, not as one, but as
an infinite amount of possibilities


reflectionsPhotograph by David Schermann

I can feel the wind in my hair while your fingers intertwine mine. I look across the beach, at the waves slowly reaching the shore, at the sun reflecting upon the water.

For a brief moment, I close my eyes. Six months ago, I did the exact same thing. It was our second date and, blame it on the surprisingly hot summer, we decided to go to the beach for the day. It was the day I completely fell in love with you. And now, half a year of being apart later, my hand is in yours again. Different shoreline, same emotions.

Life is changing so quickly for me. Recently, it seems that around every corner there is a new opportunity and choice waiting for me. I expect, and sometimes fear, that everything is changing. Not just school or work, but also people and feelings. That certain things, which I so badly hope will stay the same, will drift with the tide that is my life.

But when I open my eyes again, I know I have nothing to fear. Especially not life itself. These feelings are ever growing. The people who are meant to stay in my life, will grow with me. Your hold of my hand is reassuring. Whatever comes my way, no matter what happens, these waves will always find their way back to the shoreline.