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"Oh, dear Papillon. Would you mind to stop fluttering for a second? You see, I want my mind to stop worrying. Just a brief moment of ultimate silence and peace.

Oh, dear Papillon. I cherish you! But I am not always sure where to keep you. In the palm of my hand? In an abandoned part of my heart? Oh, dearest, I welcome you so... But all the same,
I have no idea what to do with you.

You see, all my life I thought I was waiting for you. I thought I was waiting for the flutters, the light, the red. I had hope that one day you would enter my life and all would be right in the world.

Dearest, when you set out to fly, do you ever reach the sky above the clouds? Is it always blue above dark, thick rain? Was my happiness always there, even before you landed in my heart?

Dearest, you make me search inside myself for the flutters, the light, the red. I don't need to keep you in the palm of my hand, or in my heart. You were always there, waiting to be discovered.

And I know, that if you ever feel the need to travel to where it is blue
I will simply turn to myself
To find your flickering light."