As I was getting ready to shoot some photographs with my mum, I found these shorts from H&M Trend in my closet here. I love shopping in my wardrobe, especially when I (apparently) have two! I think they match perfectly with my new top from Zara (which I got in the sale). I paired the outfit with my white sneakers (only shoes I had with me, but I quite like the look). A simple bun and my silver watch is all this look needed.

Don't you love the background in these pictures? The weather was so great! (unlike the past couple of days..) I'm spending some more time here whenever I don't have to work at my new job (which is going pretty well, by the way!). It's so relaxing here: I love the city but it's nice to unwind in a more quiet area.

How was your weekend? I celebrated my boyfriend's birthday! Had work yesterday and today, and then it's off to my parents again for a few days. I'm really starting to feel like it's summer holiday, finally!
Have a great week! x 






We Never Go Out Of Style


Tada, a little sightseeing of the beautiful city of Leiden today! It was such strange weather: pouring rain in the morning and a hot sun in the afternoon... I opted for all black: not the smartest decision, but OK, we gotta work with what we have right! ;) Then again, can you ever go wrong with black?
I finally wore my hat too - I like it a lot but it's so different! I wore my Even&Odd buckled shoes to give the outfit a little summery touch.

Thanks to the boyfriend by the way, who had a pretty good time goofing around while I was trying to get some outfit shots. I have 50+ pictures of me bursting out into laughter because he was acting silly. It's his birthday today too, woohoo!

I finally have some free time on my hands so I hope to get some more pictures and written posts up in the next couple of weeks. I'm loving the fact I'm getting back into it again!

Let me know what you think of this simple (non-summer, haha) outfit! Have a great day x  


P1170887 (1)



Easy Like Sunday Morning

P1170816 (1)

Ah, a moment of peace and quiet. How long ago was that again for me? Ehrm...

Since I decided to quit my job (and start a new one, inbetween cheesecake and tea, YAY!) I have been working two jobs for two weeks. It's been busy, to say the least. Not that I'm complaining, I've been eyeing multiple pretty items in the fashion department which are a little bit more accessible at the end of this month (two pay-checks, HURRAY). OK, not all of them, but I've at least earned a new pair of cut-out ankle boots or a white, fringed backpack, RIGHT? (to name just two of the many things on the list...)

But for now... I'm excited to spend some time with the family, the boyfriend, and with the classic pyjamas-laptop-junkfood combination. What do you guys think of my new marble Macbook cover, by the way? I'm absolutely obsessed with it!

Have a great weekend! x 

In Their Shoes


In one of my previous posts I talked about walking my own path, and making decisions for myself. I used to think that this simultaneously meant that the struggles inside my head were something to handle on my own. But life has proved me wrong on this one.

The lovely people around me somehow always know how to make me see things clearer, laugh a little louder and focus a little harder (on the positive things in life). I learn so much from them, precisely because they are different than me.
You guys know I can be pretty emotional (#understatement), and that life gets to me sometimes! The funny thing is, most of my closest friends are super down-to-earth and pretty rational.
The photo above, taken when I went to the beach with one of my gals, funnily enough symbolizes it pretty well.
Whereas I can go crazy about a pair of flatform loafers, she is just as happy purchasing the same type of sneakers over and over again (and only because the first pair is totally worn down).
Another friend would be totally fine with a basic hoodie, while I am lusting after an eccentric fringe jacket.

The best thing about all this? Both options are equally fine. What's so great about friends is that they project qualities of themselves on you which you don't necessarily have. They provide a different kind of looking glass, which can be so important when you're struggling with  a clouded mind. To see it from their perspective, to step into their shoes so to say (ha-ha), broadens your mind and horizons. That's why I love to surround myself with people who are not necessarily 100% like me. Because people who are different than you can teach you the most.

The purpose of this post? To celebrate the people around me, the family I choose every day. They never fail to see the best in me, even if I can't find it. I love you, crazy people. Almost as much as that flowy, bare-shouldered dress.
FYI - that's a lot.

Salty Air + Frizzy Hair


Ah yes, the beach! One of my favorite places to be :) I had such a great time there with one of my friends last week. We both needed a day of relaxation, and that's what we did! She also happily took these pictures of me. Yay for friends who help out!

I wore a very simple outfit - a white shirt from Primark, my Levi cut-offs (remember them from last year?) with my Ray-Ban sunglasses (and my bandeau bikini underneath). The shoes from Even & Odd (from Zalando) add a nice, fashionable touch! They are the comfiest shoes ever too!

By the way, I'm trying to figure out the editing on my Macbook - I don't quite like the quality of the pictures just yet but this will do for now. Hope you guys like the pictures, it was a lot of fun to get in front of the camera again (and goof around, mostly... haha). Made me realize how much I've missed blogging. I'm back ! :D






Choosing Me


The past few months have been difficult for me. I'm not going to lie: it still is. Difficult. I don't really know how to explain it. Sometimes life just grabs you by the throat, I suppose.

A lot has been going on. I guess I didn't quite 'touch down' yet from my Canada adventure. Everything after that happened so fast - I moved to Utrecht, I landed myself a job, uni started again... I didn't really fit in some time there -  to reflect, to emotionally 'land', to get in touch with myself again.

I threw myself into the deep darkness of the unknown and it didn't treat me as well as I expected. I think it was a little too much a little too fast. At one point I realized my job and other situations I was in weren't making me happy, and me not being happy turned into me feeling very low, confused and insecure. I realize now I brought this unhappiness into my relationships - with friends, with that S.O., but especially with myself.

It didn't quite come as the epiphany one sometimes has: my tears didn't get lifted off my face by some radiant sun, and my hair didn't blow in a strong wind which sent all the worries away. No. I fell on my face, I fell slowly but hard, and it hurt. But the realization that I wasn't doing well, and that something needed to be done about it, slowly crept up on me as it became clear to me that I couldn't even enjoy the little things in life because I was too caught up with the big things.

Don't get me wrong, I have had some difficult times in my life, and I don't think this is the toughest one yet. But I think this time, I knew I had everything going for me and yet, here I was, still feeling low and unhappy. And I held myself responsible for that.

I try to see it more clearly now. At times, that sun is still blocked by grey clouds. However, I've learned that that's okay, as long as I don't mistake the clouds for a replacement of the sun. Clouds are temporary - you may be annoyed that they're blocking the warmth, but they pass. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but they always go away. Sometimes, the whole sky seems smothered in darkness. But if you've ever been on a plane, you know that above the clouds, it's always serene and blue. The sun is still there. And all you can do is sit there and watch the fog pass by. Acknowledge it, but let it go. There is no possible action that can be taken.

Point of the story: I decided to change my job, to handle certain things differently and to work hard on regaining balance within myself. I read once that life is like a jagged graph, going up and down as time goes by. EHRM, could that be any more applicable to my life? I know now that that's okay though. To have your downs. As long as the graph in general goes up.

I also try and take this emotional journey as a lesson. No matter how many sweet people there are who listen to me and give me advice (and trust me, I am so grateful to have such a great support system) - it's MY path. I need to make the decisions. I need to go left, take a few steps back, or make a run for it straight ahead. No one else can do that for me.

I have decided to choose for myself. More balance, greater happiness, my decision. Mostly because, in the end, I could walk away from anyone but I will still always be on my own path. And I've decided to make it the best walk ever.