In Their Shoes


In one of my previous posts I talked about walking my own path, and making decisions for myself. I used to think that this simultaneously meant that the struggles inside my head were something to handle on my own. But life has proved me wrong on this one.

The lovely people around me somehow always know how to make me see things clearer, laugh a little louder and focus a little harder (on the positive things in life). I learn so much from them, precisely because they are different than me.
You guys know I can be pretty emotional (#understatement), and that life gets to me sometimes! The funny thing is, most of my closest friends are super down-to-earth and pretty rational.
The photo above, taken when I went to the beach with one of my gals, funnily enough symbolizes it pretty well.
Whereas I can go crazy about a pair of flatform loafers, she is just as happy purchasing the same type of sneakers over and over again (and only because the first pair is totally worn down).
Another friend would be totally fine with a basic hoodie, while I am lusting after an eccentric fringe jacket.

The best thing about all this? Both options are equally fine. What's so great about friends is that they project qualities of themselves on you which you don't necessarily have. They provide a different kind of looking glass, which can be so important when you're struggling with  a clouded mind. To see it from their perspective, to step into their shoes so to say (ha-ha), broadens your mind and horizons. That's why I love to surround myself with people who are not necessarily 100% like me. Because people who are different than you can teach you the most.

The purpose of this post? To celebrate the people around me, the family I choose every day. They never fail to see the best in me, even if I can't find it. I love you, crazy people. Almost as much as that flowy, bare-shouldered dress.
FYI - that's a lot.

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