Fringe Fest

BERSHKA jacket - get it here 

Ooooops. I actually didn't want to show you anything I had bought until after England, since I most likely will pick up some goodies there as well. BUT - I did some shopping when I had some spare time last week, and I can't just NOT show you so here we go...

I had seen this fringed, suede-like jacket in the window display some weeks ago and I immediately concluded that yes, it was very pretty but no, it would not suit me. Little did I know that, a few weeks later, I would try it on 'just to see what it's like' and I immediately fell in love with it. It's something quite different, but it's so cute and PERFECT for the transition from summer to autumn/winter. It's quite warm and I could fit a sweater underneath if I have to. (You can see these are all the arguments I told myself when I was at the till, haha)

The pictures are not the best quality as you may have noticed... the camera I'm working with really has good light as its best friend and doesn't quite function properly without. I hope it's still OK-ish anyways :)

Alrighty, I will see you after England, with hopefully some more pretty fashion (and sight-seeing?!) to show you! Let me know what you think of my new jacket :)




  1. Ondanks dat je camera dan misschien niet helemaal wil meewerken met slecht licht, vind ik die eerste foto erg tof! Gaaf jasje!!