Looking Forward


For some reason I really liked this vintage picture frame with my navy floral dress and I thought it made a really pretty photograph, haha. Agree or disagree ? 

Oops, my blog was down for about two days! I recently switched to an own domain, as you guys probably all know, and apparently something went wrong in the verifying process. Booo, I was in such a bad mood when all that happened, haha! Anyways, I'm back online now and I wanted to just sit down and catch up. I love the fact that I'm back into the blogosphere again, but I don't have as much free time as I would like and the blog is slowly getting on the backburner again (nooooo) :(

Luckily, I am starting my last half year of uni in about three weeks (I plan on graduating from my bachelors in February) and it won't be very busy. I'm quite excited for that, to just work a little on the side but also genuinely have the time to work on my blog and maybe take it to another next level. After all, this hobby brings me so much positive energy and joy, and I want to invest in that more!

I'm also very excited for this upcoming week, since I will be going to Wales on Thursday for 5 days! It's the first time I'm joining my boyfriend for a visit to the place he grew up (and where his family and childhood friends live) and I'm very excited to go and see it. It will be nice to get away too, before uni starts (and thesis stress!). Plus, we both work very hard so we hardly get to see each other - I'm very much looking forward to see a little more of his handsome face for a few days haha!!

With all these exciting plans to look forward to, I can honestly say I'm doing quite well! It's been a while since my head is (at times) just totally at peace, and it feels great! That jagged graph I talked about a month ago is definitely still going up. I feel that making decisions based on my feelings - and not apologizing for it - is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. Talk soon !



  1. Bloggen is fijn he :) Ik heb het meestal wel heel druk met studeren, maar nog steeds doe ik er alles aan om tijd vrij te maken. Liefs

    1. Klopt, ik ook! Geeft me altijd een goed gevoel :) xx