Wanderlust in Wales

I'm back from a wonderful trip to Wales! I had a lovely time with the boyfriend, his family and his friends. I always love being in the UK: I don't know what it is, but I feel right at home. We managed to fit in some shopping (cold-shoulder jumper in the pictures is one of the purchases - more on this later ;)), some Cheeky Nando's (all the Brits will know what I'm talking about, he he), some crazy Chester partying (hence the heels... they looked lovely but felt awful at the end of the night!) and a whole lot more.

I didn't want to leave to be honest, but I've returned to the real world now *sob*. School in 1,5 week, work has already started... Is summer really already over ?! Where did it go?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Waauw mooie uitzichten! :) Succes met werk en school!

    1. Ja Wales is prachtig, was Nederland maar zo heuvelachtig haha!
      Dankjewel :)