Under The Weather


Eek! Do you know that feeling, when you get up with a sore throat and a headache, and you know a cold (or worse!) is coming up? And do you also know the stress which comes with it, when you know you don't have any TIME to get sick?

I've been giving my body some extra fruits and veggies the past week, and with an occasional aspirin I seem to be just fine, but with a week full of work coming up, I hope to keep this dooming nastiness away from me as far as possible!

I feel like a lot of people around me are going through the same ordeal, and we may just have to blame it on the weather change. Less vitamin D (or none, really) and shorter days: it's not doing us any good is it? Although I've been loving snuggling up with some tea while I hear the rain ticking away on my window, my body is asking for sun, blue skies and long summer nights.

I'm sorry bod, autumn is catching up on us and we have no other choice than to face it! With cozy jumpers, tea with honey and fuzzy plaids, I'm sure I'll get through these grey days!

Have a good one! x 

Welcome to LNTHW 2.0!

newlayout1 Yay!! Welcome to the fresh, new LNTHW.com! After I bought my own domain a few months back, I have been supermotivated to take my blog to a little more of a next level. And here we are! I changed my design to a somewhat more professional look and, more importantly, it's more responsive (which means that you can view it better on your phone and tablet!).
Let me know what you think! I'm so excited about it all :)

For now, I hope you have a great weekend!

Oh No I Didn't!

Oh yes, I definitely did!
I couldn't be happier to tell you I bought my very own DSLR camera this week, the Canon 700D to be precise! This was one of my 'new year' goals at the beginning of this month, and since I could get a really good deal on this baby, I decided to spend my hard-earned and saved money on it! I am so excited, since I know this will not only take my photography hobby to the next level, but also my blog.
Plus, in the next few days something else exciting is going to happen to my little place on the internet... I'm going to change the design! I have been working on it for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to wait until I got my camera, so my new design could enjoy better quality photo's :)

Exciting things! I'm pretty over the moon about it all! Keep your eyes peeled for the new lay-out soon.

Love, Leneth 

A Whistling Answer

You remind me
Of a place where
Leafs turn from green
To yellow to red
Of the wind through my hair
Of my silent footprints on the soft ground

This space may have been 
Stepped on many a times
Adored in abundance 
Felt on the skin of many generations

Yet all I can see 
Are the edges of the sun as I look up
A flickering on my face as I
Hear the birds sing their song
And the trees 
With their rustling petals as a 
Whistling answer 

Saying Yes More Often

Rocky Mountains in Banff - 2014

I stumble upon a photograph and it takes me back a year. I close my eyes. Heavy frost and deep snow is what I feel on my skin and around me. Should I book it? I remember asking a friend. I wasn't so sure what our friends would think or say, and if they wanted to join at all. Just do it, said the dream in my head.

I smile. The photograph reminds me of a time when I grabbed life with two hands and shook it real hard until something magical popped out. Sort of like you would turn an old purse upside down, in the hope that coins would fall out.
Of course there were insecurities during that time, but they paled in comparison to the happiness that I experienced by just doing things. No overthinking, no worrying, just throwing myself into the deep end and seeing what happens.

It is the best way I have ever lived my life. I can't wait to try and do it again.


P.S. Apparently my Bloglovin' account wasn't working properly, so if you're following me through there, you may have a couple of posts to catch up on! 

Feeling Different


I am absolutely in love with these heels from New Look! I bought them in the sale in Wales, for a tenner! I wish I could walk a little better in them though - they are pretty high so not the most comfortable shoes ever made. Then again, I think they look pretty cool with these vintage-style mom jeans (also a Wales-sales-purchase, from River Island) and my grey Topshop jumper (which you can see a bit better on this Instagram photo). Oh, I'm so British... ;) It's such a different look but somehow, it works!

Uni has started again today which is quite a pain. I think I'm just quite 'done' with my bachelor's, I really want a new challenge study-wise. I also can't wait until I graduate and I can pour all of my free time into my blog and other things I love. Just six more months! Have you started school (or work) again?

Let me know what you think of this look!
Have a great day,

Autumn Bucket List

I always feel like instead of January, September is the start of a new year. Like I said before, summer holiday for me is a time to think about new plans. Of course it went by way too fast (as always) but I do feel like I've got some things thought out before school begins. Most of all, I have some plans I hope to accomplish before the actual end of the year. I will share some of them with you today :)

Before the start of 2016, I would like to... 

#1 Buy a nice camera. Okay, I'm finally truly fed up with having to cope with bad lighting and focus, haha. I'm also thinking about maybe starting up Youtube alongside my blog, so a new, better camera which can both photograph and film is on the very top of my wishlist. I hope to realize this sooner rather than later, because once I set my mind to something... ;)

#2 Read one book a month. I love reading a lot, but somehow I always end up watching Primark hauls on Youtube and scrolling through Facebook, instead of making a cup of tea, switching my phone off and grab a book. And that while I have at least 6 books waiting for me on my shelf ánd it always makes me very happy to read. Time to make that happen!

#3 Hit the gym again. In Canada I worked out at least twice a week, and oftentimes three. It felt so good to release negative energy by exercising! The past half year I have neglected my body a little bit, plus I think my mind will benefit from it as well. No more excuses ?!

#4 Stay balanced. Let's not forget about what is going well now, instead of only looking at what I haven't done or achieved yet! I'm very happy with how the past two months I have regained some control over my emotions, and how I'm learning to consciously plan in 'me-time'. I'm feeling tons better and I hope to continue growing this strong feeling within me in the winter months. Yay for happiness!

Do you also always feel like the new year starts after summer holiday? And what would you like to achieve before the start of 2016? Let me know :) 

Have a great day,