Under The Weather


Eek! Do you know that feeling, when you get up with a sore throat and a headache, and you know a cold (or worse!) is coming up? And do you also know the stress which comes with it, when you know you don't have any TIME to get sick?

I've been giving my body some extra fruits and veggies the past week, and with an occasional aspirin I seem to be just fine, but with a week full of work coming up, I hope to keep this dooming nastiness away from me as far as possible!

I feel like a lot of people around me are going through the same ordeal, and we may just have to blame it on the weather change. Less vitamin D (or none, really) and shorter days: it's not doing us any good is it? Although I've been loving snuggling up with some tea while I hear the rain ticking away on my window, my body is asking for sun, blue skies and long summer nights.

I'm sorry bod, autumn is catching up on us and we have no other choice than to face it! With cozy jumpers, tea with honey and fuzzy plaids, I'm sure I'll get through these grey days!

Have a good one! x 

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