Silver And Wool

I hardly ever wear rings anymore and honestly, I don't really know why! When I found this big, marbled-effect ring in Primark, I decided to try this jewellery again. I love how it looks with my oversized flully jumper (from the same store) and dangly bracelets. It adds a little extra to the outfit, don't you think?

I wish I had a little more time to play with my camera to be honest, but again, I've been so so busy these past weeks. Since I'm starting my thesis in November, I've made sure I don't have to work so much from that month onwards. And then only 3 more months to go until I (hopefully) graduate! That's such a crazy idea! I can't wait until I have some more time on my hands to do the things I like, haha :)

For now, I hope you're having a fabulous start of your week!


Dreaming Of Autumn

ZARA leather jacket, VERA LUCY dress, NEW LOOK shoes, CASIO watch

If this isn't one of the prettiest backdrops Utrecht has to offer...! One of my lovely friends took these amazing pictures of me in my new burgundy dress, and I think the gorgeous setting complements the colour so well!

I found this dress in a random boutique in Leiden and I really like it. It has a high neck and falls nicely on the knee. It's perfect for these indian summer days we're having right now, but will work just as well with some thin thights and a chunky cardigan for the colder days. You'll have to excuse me for bringing in burgundy AGAIN, I just really love this autumn colour and think it suits me quite well!

Where did September go by the way? I'm already almost finished with the first course of the new year. Not long now until I graduate.... eek! Time is flying by! I can't wait until I get to have a half year "off" though, and spend my free days on my blog and the people around me. I'm ready for some new, exciting things!

I hope you're all doing well. Have a great day!

dress1 dress6 dress3 dress5 dress4

Winter Wishlist: Up 'Till My Ankles

winterboots Alright, I'm not going to lie: it's not like I don't have black ankle boots already. Let's get that out of the way. HOWEVER, the black boots I have are quite chunky, and I feel like a more pointed toe and classic heel style would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. I've seen these ones from Topshop which I really like, but after my camera purchase, they may just have to wait a little longer to be bought... For now, just some nice inspiration for you all :)

Do you like black ankle boots? What would you style them with?


Inbetween Seasons

BERSHKA top, RIVER ISLAND jeans, NEW LOOK shoes and necklace
I was so excited to go and shoot my first outfit pictures with this camera! It still takes a lot getting used to and I haven't figured out all the settings yet, but for now I'm pretty darn happy with the look of it :) 

We have been experiencing some lovely weather the past week and it's been giving me a true indian summer vibe. However, it's always difficult what to wear, since in the morning it can be freezing cold but in the afternoon I find myself lugging around my coat and scarf, haha. This thin, burgundy jumper from Bershka is perfect for these weather conditions, and the jeans from River Island add a little summery touch because of their light colour. You're already familiar with the necklace from New Look; I seem to be wearing it almost every day! I like how it gives a little edge. 

So I got to spend a day with the boyfriend which is pretty rare (we're both just so busy), and we had the loveliest time wandering around Leiden (including lot's of bad food). I always seem to discover new shops and special things (such as this poem on a random wall, which I'm absolutely in love with). This city is slowly getting a special place in my heart... uh oh!

Let me know what you think of this look!
Have a great day :) xo 

burgun7 burgun1 burgun5 burgun2 burgun3 burgun8 burgun6

Winter Wishlist: Swinging Around

winterskirt The first time I flicked open a September issue of a fashion magazine this year, I wasn't so sure what to think of the whole seventies trend. However, as I'm watching more and more autumn fashion hauls on Youtube, I've been catching myself looking for suede, mini skirts, and high ankle boots.

I used to wear skirts all the time in high school, it was sort of my thing, and I haven't worn them in ages! I really want an a-line skirt for winter and maybe a midi skirt or dress in a wool fabric. I feel like I want to make this season a little more feminine for myself! With this inspiration, at least I will know how to style it :)

Are you a skirt-kinda-girl?
Have a great day! xo