Christmas Sass

Hello guys! How are you all doing? 

For some reason I've been feeling extra festive since November (I basically bought all my Christmas lights before Halloween), and I'm over the moon excited about all the cozy jumpers in store, the Christmas posts on everyone's blogs, and lets not forget the most important thing in life: Christmas mugs.
So I went to Primark about a week ago with the main aim of getting a Christmas jumper. I've been browsing the Internet since end of September (I'm not even kidding here), looking for the perfect one, and I think I have fallen in love with this one right here. It's from the men's section, if you're wondering, and it has the cutest reindeer on it with a fluffy red nose.
I may have been sneakily wearing it already a couple of times, although I regretted that a bit when I needed to take the trash out the other day....

Keep your eyes peeled because my friend and I had a little pre-Christmas eve this week, and the pictures have turned out really nice and cozy. That post will be up soon!
For now, I would love to know if you are a bit Christmas crazy like I am, and if you already got your hands on a Winter-y jumper?
Let me know!
Lots of love x 

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