How To Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Since I've moved into my own apartment five months ago, basically all I've been doing is buying and DIY'ing things for the house. I love having my own space (alright, and a bit for my boyfriend too ;)) to decorate how I want. I definitely got my love for interior design from my mum; from a young age, almost every summer we would repaint the walls in my bedroom and move all of the furniture around while we were at it. I've always loved what a can of paint or even just some new bedding could do to a place. Really, if all else fails with my literature studies degree, I'd love to become an interior stylist instead.

Anyhow, my boyfriend and I moved to a rental apartment, so adjusting the space to our own taste can be challenging at times. It sure does require creative thinking (which I actually think is a fun thing!). So today I have typed up some ideas and things that I've found helpful in this journey of having my own apartment. Even if you're just looking to change up the place you already own, I think these can be useful. After all, we're moving into the autumn season (I couldn't be more excited) and you'll spend more time indoors. Let's make it a cozy one!

5 Tips on How To Make Your House Homely 
- Start with the basics. My boyfriend and I were very lucky in the fact that my parents still had quite a lot of furniture stored away, which we use now. When you move into your own apartment, it's best to start with the big things: a dining table, a couch, a closet, etc. If you get these key pieces to match your taste, the rest will follow accordingly.
- Pinterest = life. I love love loooove to spend hours on social media, getting inspired by other people's interiors and DIY ideas. Not just Pinterest, but Instagram and Youtube are also a great way to legally snoop around strangers' houses . For some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here. For sure let me know if you have an account so I can have a peek ! :)

- Plants revive a space. Okay, so I definitely did not inherit my parents' green thumb, but I recently got a large green plant and together with the cacti and succulents that are already scattered across the house, I really feel like it makes my house look so much more "lived in", if you get what I mean. I also really like to have some fresh flowers on my dining table, but since plants are a bit more durable I rather invest in those for now. Either way, bring your garden inside!
- Less is more. When we first moved in, I brought quite a lot of bits and bobs with me from my student room. After a few months, I started to see which of those pieces I'd outgrown and, consequently, what needed to go. So give it some time, you can't have your interior "done" in a month (and in my opinion, it's always changing and evolving anyways) and you'll only see what you need or don't need after a bit of time (so don't go on a big shopping spree just yet, but rather wait a few months just so you know you'll really use that vase - for example ;))
- Expensive is not always best. Of course it's nice if you have the means to invest in good quality furniture and accessories, but if my mum (and Pinterest) has taught me one thing, it's that you can do a whole lot with something from the thrift store or eBay. You know how I love my spraypaint, and I love customising things in the house to match my taste. It makes a house so much more personal as well, and when done right, no one will be able to tell your $300 Pottery Barn dresser is actually a $50 euro online find (and that, to me, is so rewarding!).

I can't wait to spend more time snuggled up in cozy blankets, with a hot chocolate in hand. Is it raining yet??

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