Outfit // Edging Up

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hopefully your week had a bit of a better start than mine...
On Sunday we noticed there was no hot water in our flat, which was quite uncomfortable. Luckily it's fixed now but it was just one of those things I could add on top of my stress-pile, and I couldn't really deal with that that well... but more about those stressy things later this week - for now I want to share this outfit with you!

I'm not someone who wears a lot of accessories (I always think people who wear a lot of rings and necklaces look really cool, but somehow I just can't pull it off) but I do like to make my outfits a bit more interesting with a necklace or a bracelet from time to time. This choker necklace was kindly send to me and I love it! I've never had a necklace like this before and I was worried I would look a little bit silly, but I think it's actually quite badass.

It adds a whole new edge to a simple outfit like I'm wearing here: high-waisted light blue skinny jeans (H&M) and a white and beige stripey blouse (Primark). I think my trusty Topshop boots totally complete the look. I feel like this outfit is perfect for fall - it's not quite cold here yet but definitely time to get those sleeves out.

What do you think of this outfit? I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a fabulous rest of the week!


  1. Jeej, leuk artikel is het geworden! Mooie foto's ook :). Veel plezier met de choker!

  2. Ik ben net als jij ook niet zo'n accessoire-persoon, maar die chockers vind ik echt geweldig. Deze is ook heel erg mooi, staat je goed! :)