Top Five Best Ikea Hacks

I love me some good-ol' Ikea hacks! I find it so cool how you can turn something fairly cheap and easy to acces to something that will fit perfectly into your interior and will look expensive at the same time. Today I've listed five Ikea hacks which are not only very affordable but also very easy to do. I actually have a lot of these ideas saved on my Pinterest boards, but some of them require a lot of tools and extra materials. I wanted to select a few who are so easy to make, you can put it together during a free weekend or something (because we all get so busy now it's September again!). Let me know which one is your favourite, and if you have any others that you love!

1. Wooden Plant Stand Plant Stand by Sugar and Cloth 
I love this one because it's so easy, and it would fit perfectly in my interior. The plant-stand that's used is the PS 2014, if you're wondering. I think this one may be a winner for me!

2. Mid-Century Chest of Drawers by A Cup of Life
A fellow Dutchie made this incredibly chique looking chest of drawers from the Ikea TARVA. I really want to try this one, since I still need an extra storage space in the bedroom. May attempt it on either the TARVA or a thrifted (bit cheaper) version!

3. Gold & Marble Bar Cart by The Belle Vie Blog 
Being the party-animal I am (erhm, NOT), I probably wouldn't use this DIY for its purpose. But to be honest, it's pretty cool what this woman did to a simple, SUNNERSTA kitchen cart. Maybe I would make it a bit more my style by spraypainting it black instead of gold (or copper?), and replacing the shelves for wood. And ditching the booze for books... ;)  Do you have any other ideas?

4. Pottery Barn Cupboard by Sawdust 2 Stitches
If you're a Pinterest lover like me (or just an interior-design junkie in general), I'm sure you're familiar with the apothecary-look drawers that are totally on trend right now. A Pottery Barn version of this will cost you about $.... (look up), whilst Sawdust 2 Stitches has managed to create a beautiful look-a-like at a fraction of the price. I'd say this hack is the most difficult of the five, just because you need to attach lots of wood to the existing Ikea furniture. But the hard work will definitely pay off, just look at it! You could also find another cupboard (with existing fronts) and just use the hack from when she is decorating the actual cupboard fronts. Either way, I think it's amazing that the Ikea cupboard is still somewhere underneath there.

5. Ombre Painted Baskets by Pear Mama
This one is so easy but so adorable! I'm always looking for on-trend ways to store away our not so on-trend bits and bops, and this DIY with a basket set from Ikea is so affordable as well! I couldn't find the exact baskets on the website, but I think the FRYKEN set will work just as fine (or any other basket for that matter). Love!


  1. Die tafeltjes (of hoe kun je het noemen?) voor de planten zijn zo leuk! Hebben!

    1. Ja tof he! Die zie ik ook wel in m'n woonkamer staan!