Uni Update : The First Week Of My MA

As I'm typing this, I just finished my first week of my Master's degree in Book and Digital Media Studies. Since this is such an exciting time for me, I really wanted to write down my experiences and feelings - not just to share with you guys but also for myself, hopefully so I can look back on it with a smile!

So I'll start of by saying I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment (to say the least). I'm currently taking six courses at the same time, which I'm definitely not used to - let alone after a 6-month break!

Luckily they all seem really interesting. It's a good mix between the history of the book (manuscripts and so forth) and the new technologies concerning texts (we are learning the basics of coding as well, so useful!). I love the balance between theoretical lectures and practical seminars. My Bachelor's degree was mainly theoretical, and I like the fact that I'm now learning to have hands-on experience with new technologies, but also with old manuscripts (yes, we get to study those in real life!).

It's a lot to take in - each course requires reading and homework almost every week, and then I haven't even mentioned the many deadlines that are waiting for me at the end of next month... I'm very positive, however, since every time I open a course book or work on a coding exercise, I'm just so enthusiastic. I mean, yeah, ask me again in 2 months when I'm swamped in schoolwork, but hey, I've definitely had a very good start.

It's just such a unique programme and I'm really happy I've made this decision. It actually suprised me this week how positive I was feeling. Some time ago I actually wasn't 100% sure if this was the right time for me to do this degree, and if it was better to postpone the whole lot for another six months and start in February. I was in such doubt about what I wanted in my life - I'm not sure why or how. But at some point my gut feeling told me that this degree was EXACTLY what I should be doing this fall, and I dropped every other idea I had.

A couple of days ago it struck me how happy I was with that decision I made based on my gut feeling. I am using my brain again (on an academic level) and I love being challenged like that. But on the same time, it feels like coming home. I really think this is what I want to do for the next year or so. Let's hope I feel the same way in my next uni update :)

Are you in university or college? What course are you doing? Let me know!
Have a fabulous weekend! x