Why I Love Being A Morning Person

Since I'm back to a university/study schedule, I've discovered how much I love the mornings. In the evenings, I usually prefer to go to bed a bit early - even if I don't go to sleep straight away, I like to read, catch up on some social media or watch Modern Family with the boyfriend. It's so cozy and relaxing, which of course is much needed after a busy work or study day! It also makes me wake up earlier and much more chilled out. So yes, I'm definitely a morning person. Want to know my secrets? :)

- More often than not, my boyfriend has to wake up before I do. This is actually the best wake up call - I don't have to jump out of bed the minute the alarm goes off, but I can hear someone else get ready whilst I can snuggle up underneath the covers for a couple more minutes. I love that! I think this really helps with getting up in a good mood. When I still lived by myself, I would set my alarm a little bit earlier than maybe necessary and make myself a cup of tea to have in bed whilst I was waking up. This is also a great way to slowly getting used to the daylight again.

- I'm always way more productive in the mornings than in the evenings. Usually, after I've left my bed and whilst I eat my breakfast, I set up a to-do list for that day. And I try to do most of that list after I've showered and put some clothes on! No matter how intimidating that list can be (I mean, a Master's degree doesn't study itself haha), it's a great feeling when during lunch, I've done most of it already. It helps with the stress levels (do you see a pattern here? ;))!

- A great start of the day begins with a tasty breakfast, doesn't it? I always love to make myself a cup of green tea and have some homemade granola - whilst I catch up on social media or watch a series. Reading other bloggers' new posts is also something I like to do - it's not only entertaining, it also usually inspires me for my own posts! Already multitasking in the early hours!

Do you get where I'm going? I love being a morning person because the mornings are still full of promises. This may sound a bit negative to everyone who is an evening person (haha), but what I mainly mean with this is that you've got a whole day ahead of you - and you can spend it either being stressed or feeling down, or you can do certain (little) things to make yourself feel a bit better, work towards your future and overall fill with positivity. So hopefully the next time your alarm goes off, you won't hit that snooze button ten times, but you'll get up with a refreshed and positive mind instead. Productivity, here we come !


  1. I love this blog post! I'm definitely an evening person but want to start getting up earlier, especially with winter coming I miss the cold morning air!

    Quirks & Queries

    1. Ah yes that's such a good reason to get up earlier! I always feel so fresh and ready for the day when I step out in the brisk, winter morning :D