Current Wishlist // October

I have so much love for the month October. Even though it has come upon us a bit fast (ehrm, September, did you even happen ?!), I'm so excited that the air is crisper and the scarfs are out. Since I enjoyed doing a wishlist last month so much, I decided that this one may be a keeper (for now anyways :)). So here are the products that are currently saved on my phone, ideas which I'm pondering over in my head and things that I want to start doing! Here's to another lovely, autumnal month :)

1. Embroidered Ankle Boots
 I came across these beauties from Miss Selfridge a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to get them out of my head since.
I don't know what it is, since I'm never particularly adventurous with my shoe-wear, but I think they are just so damn cool! I don't quite have the budget for them yet, but a girl can dream right?

2. Read More For Fun
It's always the same thing: as soon as uni starts, all my novels slowly but surely move to the back of my shelves. I feel bad for them, but after reading more than 100 pages per week for my degree, I often just want to watch a series or a film. However - I do really enjoy reading and I think it fits perfectly with the cozy, colder months we have upon us. I'm going to try to pick up a novel (of my choosing!) from time to time during this month!

3. Autumnal Lip Colour
I see everyone on social media rocking the autumnal lip colours - and then there's me, who doesn't do much else than lather up her lips with vaseline every hour of every day. Yes, I'm an addict, and now that the season of chapped lips is here - I get a bit scared of wearing my matte lipsticks (hello cracks!). But I just think anyone who rocks a burnt orange or a burgundy lip looks so good: I envy them a little. So maybe it's time to browse the make-up section in my local drugstore and start experimenting... :)

4. Develop A Workout Routine
Now that I'm getting the hang of school a bit more, there are really NO more excuses to not go to the gym at least twice a week. I know it will help me with my stress-levels, my happiness and my body image, but after a long day of studying or working, I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. But that's just not the way to go, is it?! I know it will make me feel so much better if I push myself to do a workout for at least an hour twice a week, so that's what I'm going to try and stick to this month.

5. Enjoy Nature
I'm not the biggest outdoors-y person you will ever meet, but living in the city makes me miss forests, beaches and overall country walks quite a lot. Especially with this colder, autumn weather, all I want to do is wrap up in my biggest coat and thickest scarf and just enjoy the fresh air (and maybe take some photographs whilst I'm there!). I'm looking into going to a forest nearby where my boyfriend and I could cycle to, and the thought probably makes me a bit more excited than it should. But hey, nothing wrong with a cold, red nose and some fresh, countryside air!

Are you doing anything particularly exciting this month? And do you have some items on your wishlist you would like to share? Let me know !


  1. Hele fijne wishlist heb je :) Ik moet ook maar weer eens de natuur in gaan, zonde om het niet te doen als de bomen straks verkleuren!

    1. Ja, ik kan daar in ieder geval zo erg van genieten ! x