Packing For Frankfurt

I've never been particularly good at packing - in fact, I always take 20 outfits for 2 days (sort of..). But since I'm going on a uni-trip tomorrow with all of my new classmates, I figured this would be the time to become the queen of minimalistic packing. No one wants to be the one with the 20kg-suitcase for a midweek away, right?!

I have a few essentials that I'll definitely be taking on my trip!

First and foremost: my phone, of course. Especially since I have the tendency to become a little carsick, and we have a 6-hour bus journey to get through, I think some music will definitely help me calm down and keep me busy. I may even download some podcasts to get me through the ride!

Secondly: my cozy jumpers. It's probably going to be a little colder in Germany than here, so my thick jumpers will definitely be something I'll be shoving in my carry-on. Oh, and my winter coat will have its first outing as well!

Thirdly: my new, easy-to-read novel. I mentioned in my October wishlist that I would like to read more for fun - and that's what I started doing last week! This novel by Jenny Colgan is absolutely everything I'm looking for in a casual, take-my-mind-off-of-things read: it basically is about starting up a bookshop in the beautiful surroundings of Scotland. Ermmm, dream future?!

Fourthly: some sturdy black boots - they go with everything and I've worn these so many times, blisters don't have a chance. The leather makes them pretty warm and rain-proof as well. Win/win!

And then, of course, I'll be taking some pairs of jeans (I'm going to try and stay as comfortable as possible :)), my wallet, my black backpack and some accessories. And then, off I go!

I'm pretty excited to go on this trip and experience something new (I talk a little bit more about my trip here). I'm sure you'll read all about it in my next uni-update or a separate post. My blogposts will become a little less frequent these upcoming two weeks, since I have my excursion and plenty of deadlines after. But I'm so excited about the ones that are coming your way, I'm sure it will make up for it!

Have a great week :)