Uni Update : A Month Has Passed!

Ehrm, WHAT ?! Time goes by so so sooo fast now that I'm back at uni, it's a bit ridiculous. And scary, because my first deadlines are already creeping up on me... Want to know how I've experienced my first month back at university, working on my MA degree?

When I recapped my first week of this year, I was quite stressed out. There was just SO MUCH to do, read and sort out. I am a bit more organised now, luckily. I make daily to-do lists, have had my first full-day sessions at the library (hello second home!) and I'm working on my first papers already. It's still a lot, and I can see which courses I'm more passionate about than others. This is sometimes a bit difficult, since I've found out I don't particularly love one specific course and I really have to push myself to do the reading for it. But hey, that's all part of the process isn't it! Most of my courses are mandatory anyways, so it's not like I made a wrong choice. You can never love it all, and that's okay.

I actually have an excursion coming up next week - we're going to the Frankfurt Bookfair from Wednesday to Friday. I'm quite excited about it, since this is such a new world to me and I can't wait to have a little peek to see if it's actually something for me. The trip does come at the worst time ever though, since we have three deadlines the week after (and after that, it's pretty much deadline extravaganza for the rest of the semester....). Luckily we don't have any classes at that time - so I'm not allowing myself to get stressed. And like I said, to-do lists are my life at the moment :)

I feel like I've really settled in these past weeks. I have had some more personal conversations with some of my classmates, I usually know my way to the classrooms by now and I just don't feel as nervous about everything. I'm regaining control a little bit again and it feels good!

Even though I may not be enjoying all of my courses as much, I definitely still stick to the conclusion of my last uni-blogpost: I'm enjoying this degree soooo much and I'm so happy I've made the decision to go back to school this year. It's a strange thought that in less than a year, I will not find myself in a university library with a pile of books next to me anymore (for maybe forever!). For now, I'm trying to enjoy it to the fullest :)

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