5 Ways To Instantly Feel Festive

If you're anything like me, you won't have any trouble getting excited for the holidays. I'm such an autumn-winter person anyways: I love the seasonal change outside and the super-cozy days inside. And when Christmas, and especially Christmas decorations get involved, I go a teeny-tine bit nuts.

Especially now that my boyfriend and I have our own apartment, I couldn't wait to start coming up with ideas for the place. I can FINALLY get a Christmas tree (I mean, cramming one in my student room was an idea, but I dismissed it fairly quickly...) and the rest of the flat just couldn't be left behind, now could it?

I'm going to write up another post all about my own Christmas interior - especially since it's not fully ready and the tree is not in our possession yet, so that will have to wait for a little bit further down into December. BUT - since I've started doing my Christmas-decoration shopping this week and I'm feeling SUPERfestive, I wanted to share that feeling on the blog as well. So I thought it may be fun to share some tips on how you can get that cozy, happy, festive-y feel yourself. Maybe you don't even need any help - in any case, I wanted to celebrate the start of the festive season!

1. Go To A Garden Center. The only place that seems to understand my craving for anything red, cozy and holly the minute the temperature drops is the garden center. They usually have all of their Christmas decorations stalled out at the beginning of November (if not earlier) and as I make my way through the greenery and overload of baubles, I'm immediately inspired for my own home.

2. Get Your Christmas Gear Out. I mean, I basically wear my cozy Santa Clause socks all year round, but there's nothing like going over the top on the reindeer-jumpers and candy-cane-leggings. If you can't make your flat look like Christmas just yet, you may as well dress up as a Christmas tree yourself ;)

3. Retrieve Your Favourite Playlist. Hellooo, Michael Bublé, is that you again?! I always have to snicker a bit when Christmas comes around and the memes about Michael Bublé coming out of his cave grace Facebook once again. I have to admit though: there's nothing like a bit of Michael, Wham! and Mariah floating through the flat. Especially because the classics always remind me of Christmas at my parents' house, or when we were in the car, en route to family for the holidays, it instantly gets me in the Christmassy mood.

4. Delve Into Social Media. If Youtube is your thing - and it's totally mine! - you're probably familiar with certain people doing Vlogmas: a video every day in December leading up to Christmas, showing all of their festive whereabouts. Especially because you can watch so many Christmassy video's every single day, there's no way you'll be left without a warm, fuzzy, festive feeling. Watching old Vlogmasses leading up to December always does the trick for me! And if you're not that big of a Youtube fan, there's always Pinterest and Instagram which will never let you down on the festive front. Be inspired by other people who love Christmas!

5. Hang Up Your Decorations. Sod it, even if it's mid-October, who is stopping you from decorating your place with an abundance in fairly-lights, reindeer-shaped ornaments and garlands? (except maybe your significant-other, who is starting to realise you may be a bit more of a looney than he thought you were... yep, real-life-story ;)) I can hear the jingle bells already!

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