Uni Update : Midterm Is (Already) Here...

Ehrm, whaaaaat ?! I know I'll sound like a granny saying this, but where. did. the. time. go.?! As I find myself typing away in the library (just check my Twitter if you don't believe me - it's all I've been doing for the past couple of weeks), I can't believe how fast these first two months of my degree have gone by. It feels like October didn't even happen (and that makes me a bit sad considering it's my fave month of the year...!). However - I did get a lot of work done and I'm on the right track. Want to know how I've survived my midterm deadlines...?

OK, so, I remember a specific Sunday at the end of September, when I was sitting at my dining table looking at what I'd just written down on my planner: 6 deadlines spread across three tiny weeks and big circles and crosses on the many days I wouldn't be able to attend to any of them. Stress-alert!

Yes, looking back on it, I was a bit overwhelmed by everything my professors expected me to do after only two short months of studying. But I think I've done pretty well. I'm impressed by how I've planned and handled my deadlines, actually. I remember the times in high school when my dad had to teach me how to fill out a schedule to study for all of my tests. Oh, I've come such a long way (and dad, you can be proud!). My desk planner is basically attached to me now but it helps me to stay sane - I can't imagine now not knowing what's due next week, next month or next term...(just kidding!).

Although I've bossed pretty much all of my deadlines by now, another stress factor is creeping up on me... I haven't got any of my work back yet, so I have no idea if what I've written down is sufficient or not! Of course, by now I have quite a lot of experience in writing essays, so it shouldn't be too bad, but still - these are new professors and new rules, so I'm still a little bit on the fence about celebrating that midterm is over.

Hopefully in my next update, I will have some good news about my grades! I've worked my butt off for them, so fingers crossed...


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