After University: Then What?

Oh. My. Goodness. I have officially handed in my MA thesis this week! It was the last big chunk of work to finish before I start on my internship in September. I definitely had to tell myself to keep going and find motivation in places I've never had to look before ~ I think because it's been such a busy year, my brain was just a little done with doing research, typing up essays and referencing (oh GOD the referencing..). But hey, that's part of writing a thesis and ending your education, isn't it?

August Goals

Since August is well and truly here - which is a bit frightening to be honest - I wanted to write down a little list of my aims and wishes for the new month. In a way A LOT has already happened this summer. The first half has mainly been focussed on one thing: graduating. Since I've pretty much finished that now (more on that later!), there is FINALLY some space to attempt to let my creative juices flow. The list is quite short and sweet, since I don't actually want to do that much this month. Relaxing, feeling happy and enjoying the last summer days!
Let's keep this good energy coming....

Vegan Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Oh. My. Goodness! This recipe is SUCH a game-changer! If you're like me and you like to enjoy a bit of the good ol' Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream from time to time, you'll understand I've been seriously lacking my fix since I've been cutting out dairy from my diet. As I was flicking through Niomi Smart's cookbook for some dinner inspiration, I came across this recipe for chocolate cookie dough ice cream. Totally home made & vegan. That sounded almost too good to be true, so I just had to try it out. And I've got to say, I've never tasted ANYTHING so good that's so healthy at the same time!

Starting My Journey: After Mindfulness

I've finished the mindfulness course I was telling you about more than two weeks ago now. It was such a great experience for multiple reasons and it has definitely opened my eyes to things I want to explore further. Like I said in that post, I'm in such a good headspace at the moment and I really feel like I've embarked on a journey of self-discovery lately ~ which I'm absolutely loving! In this post I talk you through a couple of things I've learned and been applying to my life lately. Things get a bit deep and spiritual but hopefully it will inspire you a little bit!

On My Bookshelf #1

Even though I'm currently writing my thesis and I have piles and piles of books next to me almost every single day, I've been really into reading novels and memoirs lately. Reading is SUCH a good way for me to unwind from a busy day and relax ~ I feel like it does more than watching an episode on Netflix or aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and asking myself HOW it got to 10PM without doing ANYTHING. It fills my brain with new thoughts, people, narratives... It just gets me so inspired! So I thought it would be fun to do a 'what's on my bookshelf'. I'll talk a little bit about books I've been reading lately and books I've recently bought. They won't be full book reviews (we can all go on Amazon for that) but just my experience with the book! Hopefully it will inspire some of you.

The Suede Jacket

I've been a busy bee in April and on May 1st I kinda decided enough was enough, and I cycled myself to the station, got on a train to the Hague and had some serious retail therapy. Does anyone else absolutely love shopping on their own, or is that just me? I honestly had the best time, haha.

Now a lot of the current trends are not really suiting me, which is a bit annoying (but also good for my bank account I guess). However, I did find some great spring pieces that will definitely help me get through this strange, ever-changing weather here. One of them is this GORGEOUS brown leather jacket which I fell in love with immediately. It's pretty much exactly what I've been looking for as an addition to my wardrobe.

Current Obsession: Sweet Potato Fries

Yay, another current obsession! This one has been in my life for a few months now and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. It's bascially the yummiest, easiest recipe EVER for sweet potato fries.

You know healthy but delicious foods are my jam and it was about time I shared a recipe with you on my blog again. This is something I make weekly ~ I just find it's such a good way of getting some veggie in your meal and still satisfy an "unhealthy" craving. A bit of mayo and ketchup on the side do the trick for me, but they are great on their own as well.

Taking On Mindfulness & Turning 23

Hi there! How are you all doing??

With all the changes that have been happening these past couple of months, I feel like I'm finally catching up on life a bit at the moment. EVERYTHING had been put on the back burner to focus on me and my mental well-being - and you know what? It was actually quite nice!
Now unfortunately I can't put off writing my thesis, working out and/or paying my bills any longer (I WISH), but I really wanted to find a way to keep that focus on myself and my inner peace, especially during the crazy-busy months of graduating ahead of me.

That's why I decided ~ kind of on a whim ~ to enrol myself in a 6-week mindfulness course, starting this week. Ehrm, how's that for spontaneity?! It feels oh-so-right though, and no matter what I'll get out of it, I know it can only do me good.

How I Spend My Me-Time

I always find it important to spend time by myself - but ESPECIALLY when I feel like I've been running around like a headless chicken day in day out (like the past couple of weeks...). I've found that I really enjoy a specific routine in my "me-time", or at the least I prefer to do certain things over others. Maybe this little list will help some of you to find some time in your day to unwind. Let me know what you love to do when you're by yourself! For now, here are my five favourite ways to spend some time alone...

Current Obsession: Pinterest Homes

I've decided to start a new series called 'Current Obsession'. I often have something at a certain point in time which I'm totally obsessed with. This can be ANYTHING from food or a certain book or series to something on social media. It's never anything elaborate enough to make a 'monthly favourites' (I pretty much use the same makeup and toiletries all the time, for starters) but nevertheless it's something I would love to share with you. So anytime I'm like "hmmm, I can't really imagine my life without this anymore, I pretty much think about this 24/7, etc. etc.", I will write a post about it!

Current Life Goals

Oh, hi there! How are you??
I have been MIA for far too long. In all honesty, I have been writing the odd post here and there, but I just haven't had the headspace to fully focus on my blog. Until now, I suppose!
Lot's has changed since I last sat down and pressed 'publish'. Maybe that's why it feels a bit scary to start again - but, it feels very right at the same time as well.