How I Spend My Me-Time

I always find it important to spend time by myself - but ESPECIALLY when I feel like I've been running around like a headless chicken day in day out (like the past couple of weeks...). I've found that I really enjoy a specific routine in my "me-time", or at the least I prefer to do certain things over others. Maybe this little list will help some of you to find some time in your day to unwind. Let me know what you love to do when you're by yourself! For now, here are my five favourite ways to spend some time alone...

1. Get Everything Out Of The Way.
I'm a bit of a neat freak, and this means that I can't relax if my house is a mess. Tidy home = tidy mind. So whether this is actually 'relaxing' is a different story, but for me it can actually be quite calming to sort out my flat and put things away. It gives me headspace and makes sure that I can focus much better on the unwinding-part of my "me-time".

2. Make Some Effort For Somebody Else.
I mean, this is time for YOU, but really, it often makes me feel so good to send a text to a friend I haven't spoken to in a while or reach out to my family quickly to see what they're up to. It's not about me feeling alone, but about using my free time to invest in others as well as in myself. It can be as simple as a short text, and then I'll usually put my phone away again.

3. Switch Off All Devices For A Certain Amount Of Time.
Which brings me to my third point. I frequently catch myself wasting time by aimlessly browsing the web - even though I know I'm much happier when I pick up a book or magazine, for instance. So I try (not always succeed, I'll be honest) to discard my laptop and phone for an hour or so and properly relax without technology. It's the best way to get some headspace - in my opinion.

4. Pamper Pamper Pamper.
Whether that's taking a bath or baking a banana loaf and eating half of it with a cuppa... Taking extra good care of yourself is what me-time is allllll about. I often enjoy getting my nail polishes & face masks out and watch some Gilmore Girls whilst I'm at it.

5. Do What YOU Love - Without Holding Yourself Back.
This pretty much sums up all of the above! This time is not about anyone else but YOU - so do what you love. I often find it hard to allow myself the time to type up a blogpost, or to do my nails, to name a few examples. Just because there's always something "more important" to do - or at least that's what I think! And yes, there's always uni reading to catch up on or finances to sort out, but sometimes these things have to be put on hold to take care of myself and my peace of mind. And what better way to make myself happy again than by doing something I love? Exactly!

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  1. It is so so important to make time for yourself! And I like that you included a point about using that time to connect with other people and nurture your relationships - that's one I often neglect!

    Sinéad ♥ Fabuleuse Du Jour