Taking On Mindfulness & Turning 23

Hi there! How are you all doing??

With all the changes that have been happening these past couple of months, I feel like I'm finally catching up on life a bit at the moment. EVERYTHING had been put on the back burner to focus on me and my mental well-being - and you know what? It was actually quite nice!
Now unfortunately I can't put off writing my thesis, working out and/or paying my bills any longer (I WISH), but I really wanted to find a way to keep that focus on myself and my inner peace, especially during the crazy-busy months of graduating ahead of me.

That's why I decided ~ kind of on a whim ~ to enrol myself in a 6-week mindfulness course, starting this week. Ehrm, how's that for spontaneity?! It feels oh-so-right though, and no matter what I'll get out of it, I know it can only do me good.

On a whole I've been thinking a lot more about my future and what I want to get out of life. I feel like I'm at the start of a great journey of self-discovery, and it's so exciting to see what's next. I probably sound SO corny (sorry not sorry), but I'm just in a really good headspace at the mo and I hope I can reflect some of that onto you guys.

Oh, and between all this spiritual and mental well-being talk, I also ~ casually ~ turned 23 two weeks ago. Although I'm a bit afraid of seeing that number go up every year, twenty-three feels just about right for the place I'm at in my life. I wish it could stay like that for a couple more years, haha.

In other news, I'm currently starting my MA thesis, looking for an internship for September, and frantically trying to bake my way out of the stress all of this brings (I mean, I ain't complaining about that tbh). This is also the exact moment I started to miss blogging again! It's always such a good way of organising my thoughts - AND doing something I love at the same time. Hopefully I can make it work inbetween all the craziness and breathing exercises. I'll keep you posted...

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