On My Bookshelf #1

Even though I'm currently writing my thesis and I have piles and piles of books next to me almost every single day, I've been really into reading novels and memoirs lately. Reading is SUCH a good way for me to unwind from a busy day and relax ~ I feel like it does more than watching an episode on Netflix or aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and asking myself HOW it got to 10PM without doing ANYTHING. It fills my brain with new thoughts, people, narratives... It just gets me so inspired! So I thought it would be fun to do a 'what's on my bookshelf'. I'll talk a little bit about books I've been reading lately and books I've recently bought. They won't be full book reviews (we can all go on Amazon for that) but just my experience with the book! Hopefully it will inspire some of you.

- Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Can I just say that this book came at the exact right time for me? It's weird how the universe sometimes throws things like that at you. This book has pretty much changed my mindset on SO MANY things. I know it's already 10 years old, but the story is timeless: woman goes through a lot of hard stuff (a divorce, to begin with) and goes on a life-changing journey (to Italy, India and Bali) where she encounters many people, but most of all: herself.
I remember my mum reading this when it just came out and I was definitely too young at the time to fully grasp the spiritual and mental value of this book but I'm SO glad I decided to pick it up now. 13/10 would recommend!

- Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon
This is a really good read for any of you millennials out there who grew up with dial-up internet, MSN, and all things social media. I've been following Emma on Twitter for a while now and I love everything she does and I wasn't disappointed with this book. Things get honest and deep, but it's a light enough read to enjoy on your holiday or after a long day. It often had me laughing out loud as well ~ it's FULL of 'oh god, I've been there' moments (anyone remember their first email address?!). Definitely check out her podcast by the same name  as well.

- WILD by Cheryl Strayed
This book has often been dubbed as the 'next Eat Pray Love' and I gotta say, I was a bit skeptical about that at first. The narrative is quite different, since Cheryl hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in America ~ a much more rough, raw vibe than E.P.L. HOWEVER: I'm about 100 pages into this bad boy and I freaking love it so far. I love Strayed's style of writing, it's so easy to read but really touching and inspiring. I can already recommend it whole-heartedly if you're into from-the-heart-narratives that evoke your inner girlboss! (and I mean, who isn't into that?!)

- The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli
I've been seeing this book lying around in the bookshops for a little while now and I was always drawn to the title. Then Rochelle Fox (a super inspiring Youtuber & meditation teacher) mentioned it on Instagram and I figured that was my sign to pick up a copy. I'm interested to see if this inspires me meditate more and if it has an influence on my mindset in any other way. I'll keep you posted!

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