After University: Then What?

Oh. My. Goodness. I have officially handed in my MA thesis this week! It was the last big chunk of work to finish before I start on my internship in September. I definitely had to tell myself to keep going and find motivation in places I've never had to look before ~ I think because it's been such a busy year, my brain was just a little done with doing research, typing up essays and referencing (oh GOD the referencing..). But hey, that's part of writing a thesis and ending your education, isn't it?

August Goals

Since August is well and truly here - which is a bit frightening to be honest - I wanted to write down a little list of my aims and wishes for the new month. In a way A LOT has already happened this summer. The first half has mainly been focussed on one thing: graduating. Since I've pretty much finished that now (more on that later!), there is FINALLY some space to attempt to let my creative juices flow. The list is quite short and sweet, since I don't actually want to do that much this month. Relaxing, feeling happy and enjoying the last summer days!
Let's keep this good energy coming....